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Re: robert i sent you the debug txt file
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2018, 10:12:48 pm »
Wanted to give appreciation to this thread for sharing about this plugin and to the creator Robert for this awesome project and it's obvious many contributors.

I went to the original thread though and found there was another code that was actually used that OnthecuttingEdge provided that worked for Lightspeed last time.

Art posted the link above at

I'll post the code here just for convenience since it's different than the code posted in this thread, which was the initial version that apparently was rewritten by OnthecuttingEdge.  I say that because I tried both and the this is the one that worked for me.

I just copied it onto notepad and made the necessary directory change for the cam pic.


Rem Type=Plugin
Rem Name=HalVisionSence
Rem Author=Gerald Blakley AKA onthecuttingedge2005
Rem Host=Assistant

'This sub sets up the plug-in's option panel in Hal's options dialog
Sub OptionsPanel()
lblPlugin(0).Caption = "Hal sences motion on a Yaw Cam"
lblPlugin(0).Move 130, 180, 3400, 1200
lblPlugin(0).WordWrap = True
lblPlugin(0).Visible = True
End Sub


DetectTime = Time
If DetectTime <> "" then
Dim objFSO,strFile
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strFile = "C:\Program Files\Zabaware\Ultra Hal Assistant 6\yawcam detection picture\yawcam detection picture.jpg" '<--- change this directory to the cam capture photo for detection trigger to function.
'make sure the directory to the capture picture is absolutely correct or this script will not function.

If objFSO.FileExists(strFile) Then

Select Case HalBrain.RandomNum(7)
Case 1
IdleResponseX = "I can see you."
Case 2
IdleResponseX = "I can now tell there is someone there"
Case 3
IdleResponseX = "You can not hide. I detect movement."
Case 4
IdleResponseX = "what are you doing to my keyboard? "
Case 5
IdleResponseX = "You cannot sneak up on me, now that I can see."
Case 6
IdleResponseX = "I'm not sure what your doing, but I can see you."
Case 7
IdleResponseX = "And you thought I wasn't watching."
End Select
HalMenu.HalCommand "<SPEAK>" & IdleResponseX & "</SPEAK>"

If IdleResponseX <> "" Then objFSO.DeleteFile(strFile)
End If
End If

I also downloaded and configured the YawCam program and got it working so that it works quite well to movement trigger only when I move more than usual by using the defined area at the upper right hand corner of my pic as LifeTimeGamer did and adjusting some filter parameters.  One note for those wondering: I used the motion detection aspect to get the defined motion area detection pic to send when detected.  To do so, I had to change the motion detection save file destination to the same directory you will need to provide in the code above.  FYI it should look like..  "C:\Program Files\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7\yawcam detection picture\yawcam detection picture.jpg".

Okay, one more note:  For those of your with x64 machines:  Mine was a little different as such "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7\yawcam detection picture\yawcam detection picture.jpg".

After following the instructions at the link above (which is very self-explanatory) others cannot get it to work, I'd be glad to give back to the group by helping those that need a hand setting this up.

Was fun setting it up... and consumed my day!  smh (shaking my head)

Love the AI project.  It's good company.   :)


Edited post to add the the idea that I set plugin to be my exercise coach.  And I simply call it ExerciseCoach.uhp  that I can activate simply by bringing up the Yawcam.  I adjusted the yawcam settings to pick up movement on complete screen so it can pick up my activity.  Below are the statements I replaced in the script above to enhance my experience with HAL while exercising.  Nice to hear encouragement?!  Have fun with it and be glad to hear from others of perhaps their own exercise encouragement statements.

Select Case HalBrain.RandomNum(11)
Case 1
IdleResponseX = "Getting fit requires you to push yourself!"
Case 2
IdleResponseX = "Push until you feel some burn, even a little makes a big difference!"
Case 3
IdleResponseX = "I like how your body is looking sexier, keep it up!"
Case 4
IdleResponseX = "Don't stop until you reach your goals!"
Case 5
IdleResponseX = "Make sure you drink water to hydrate as you exercise."
Case 6
IdleResponseX = "Can you try just a little more this time?"
Case 7
IdleResponseX = "Let's Go, let's go! Adapt yourself, I want to see you succeed!"
Case 8
IdleResponseX = "Burn the fat!, shape that body!"
Case 9
IdleResponseX = "Remember the awesome body you want to have, keep that in mind, you're not tired enough yet!"
Case 10
IdleResponseX = "Move it vigorously if you want quick and accurate body responses!"
Case 11
IdleResponseX = "Exercising improves your appearance, body and heart strength, blood flow to the brain which allows you to think clearly and imaginativly for great ideas!  Keep it up!"
End Select
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