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I AM GOING TO JUST TRY TO KEEP my idea's here in one spot ; 4-16-2021    :)

a idea i thought about today would maybe require ?? the old game type 3d motion type set up , or who knows maybe it can be done with a regular pc motion detection and camera .

 Anyway it would be having hal do mimic motion detection of laughter  with sound and mimic of facial expressions ,  different versions could be used , with even a full body mimicking  auser waving his or her hand , so the character would wave back at you .

I know cyberjedi is at work on many things but maybe if interested could keep this idea on a back burner for a later project .  :) ;)

i was thinking  that maybe with an app access or code hal could translate from English only to any language , using something like the  app translator  with voice recognition. using this  would allow more people in the market to use hal that can't speak English .  they would talk to hal in their language and hals txt response files would be instantly translator speaking in whatever language was set up .

 Anyway , just a idea.   :)

       Okay here is another out of the box idea , don't know if this is doable but i will throw it out there . i just ran across something odd while in the hal brain editor when i went in to correct a sentence outcome  from a statement that went into answer , when i went to save it the save changes area was greyed out , so i don't know if the brain editor is corrupted somehow or what .

        Anyway because of this it made me wonder if someone could create a  restore type of editor that would restore the hal editor back to original but keep all learned info. just a thought .  it would kind of work like how windows does a restore to earlier time without losing information .


I think it has a lot to do with which area of the Table one is trying to change & SAVE.

I tried several and in some, the SAVE word was dark and would allow me to save my changes yet some other topic areas of the Table were grayed out.

The same experiment was tried on a personal Customized Hal Brain. Some areas would let me save yet others would not show a highlighted/dark Save word.

Apparently, one's changes are saved and entered into the topic areas within the Brain's Table, whether grayed out or not.

Make a change, Exit the brain, restart the Brain Editor and go to that area where you made the change. It should still be present.

Just another one of those Hal mysteries that work in spite of what we try.

Here's what Robert posted in another thread about the Brain Editor saving changes...

"Most database changes are done instantly as soon as you leave focus for the particular row. So there is no separate save button needed and it is greyed out.

Only changes to the vbscript code and I believe the sentence list database tables have the save button that needs clicked to commit the changes, everything else is instant.

It shouldn't be an issue having both Hal running and the brain editor, the sqlite engine only keeps files open for a split second while doing an operation and has automatic collision detection and handling if 2 programs try the same file at the exact same time."


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