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question Im on slow download for a while so i can risk the wait of the download:

is it smart >>> can it be edited >> can it be taught

help me?


This seems to be a bit of a "lost" thread but here goes: VIMv1.0ENdemo.exe is about 11.5 MB in size. You can download this program in 30 to 40 minutes on a slow telephone connection. It is somewhat interesting. It is a virtual intelligence inside a virtual world. The virtual intelligence is (in part) run off of a "true" random number quantum phenomenon generator. Whether this program is worthwhile or not is purely a personal judgement call. It consists of a woman on an island who gathers seedlings from around the island and replants them in more fertile soil to create gardens for herself (mostly flower gardens). She sometimes looks at her gardens (apparently) or gazes out at the ocean (apparently). Each program develops differently due to qauntum randomness (apparently). The program may or may not have some dim level of consciousness; which is (again apparently) part of the point of the exercise.

No you cannot interact with the VIMv1.0 but Dr. Colicos is working on a new program called VIWonder (weird name) which you will be able to interact with to some extent. You can get a lot of details about VIWonder in the News/Forum section of the Quantum Flux website. Briefly: In ViWonder two characters will wander about and have conversations with each other. The program is expected to contain information equivalent to 200 to 300 books which the virtual people will use for their conversations. The "topics" discussed will (apparently) be chosen and will develop with the input of the quantum randomness generator. The interesting part here is that the user (you) will be able to sort of call these two beings over to you and ask them to discuss a certain subject or inject something into the conversation ( I think that's correct). Hopefully it (they) will learn; I'm not sure.

All of this stuff is "far behind" Hal in terms of practical application. Most of it is more like a research project than a product. Comparing Hal to the Q-Flux stuff would be like comparing a car to a solar powered bicycle. But that does not mean that quantum randomness generators will not someday be an integral part of some of the functions of artificial intelligence; perhaps the aesthetic, artistic, and dream state functions of artificial intelligence. I find it interesting.


Quantum flux phenomenon matrix stuff and things!!
Why can't they just use plain english?!

Reminds me of the old, "If ya can't dazzle them with brilliance,
baffle them with bulls**t! Lightyears I tell ya...lightyears!!

But to be fair, neither I nor citrinedragon have forked over $20 for the registered version. Having the ability to save the developing cerebral cortex of the VIM and observe its cumulative growth from one session to another could add a much more relevant and interesting aspect to the program--or maybe not.
Art, I don't think quantum physics comes in plain English flavor, lol.


Some of the names are indeed a bit silly: Quantum Flux; VIWonder (which I refer to as weird, above); Matrix (already grossly overused). Other terminology such as true random number generator, quantum phenomenon, and collapsible wave function are standard phraseology in this type of research which can be verified simply by putting the words in any search engine. "Quantum Flux" is simply a cute way of saying quantum randomness. Matrix (of course) means nothing. Regardless of the "too cute" embellishments, I still believe there may be merit to this kind of research. I do not believe there is any flim-flam or hocus-pocus at work here. There is, however, bad copy writing involved.

KnyteTrypper is correct in saying that most of the gibberish is absolutely genuine quantum physics gibberish. I'm completely convinced this guy is a serious researcher. But whether he's going somewhere or headed down a dead end... ? As I said (above) it's "solar bicycle stuff" at this point.



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