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ULTRA Lazy Home 5.0!


ok so what im thinking is, im one very lazy person, so i want to place microphones all over my house, and then i want to be able to give hal any command i want, such as: turn on the lights, open the shutters, open the garage door, turn on the tv etc, etc, etc. so getting to the point i was wondering if you guys could give me links or tell me where to go to get all of the information i might need on how to do this project. i think it is alittle big to take on all by my self (i dont know how to do all the programing and what not [perhapes i should learn!]).

what you need is HOMESEER Lookin to X10 search  a few postings by BIL818 / HARLEY

also look about getting a HALMODEM then you can turn the lights on / off via the phone connected to the hal modem.... talk to the home seer....

check out home automation

i also forgot to say that there is an activeX component that usally can be used with these home automation programs this can help in interfacing hal with the home automation program.

usually the home automation program needs its own computer to operate on, DEDIATED MACHINE, to talk to the home system you pick up the phone dial #9 then command the computer, you could have hal on another mACHINE then get hal to speak to the other computer.... can hal talk on the phone?

There is also another program called HAL, which stands for Home Automated Living.  This person has a pretty good website about its functions, and how he has it setup


wow, thats a really awesome program, and its also a really awesome price for one cd, HAL2000 costs $369.00, the pci board that you need for the voice stuff is $95.00. not to mention all of the other stuff that you need. its a rather expensive set up. im sure that it would pay for its self after afew years... Sarcasm aside i really like and i think im going to work on getting it.


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