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Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:53:26 am »
the trial period for HAL 7 expired, I unistalled HAL 7, now the HAL 6 chr windows has turned black, no char, no error msgs or issues other than no chr in the HAL 6 window.
can we have an updated HAL 7 link, maybe it will fix the chr window. I tried refreshing chr's in HAL 6 options but it remains a black blank window.

Hal 7 now installs Haptek directly, so if you remove Hal 7 you remove the Haptek player. If you visit you can download and reinstall the Haptek player from them and then it should work in Hal 6.2 again.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Server Upgrade/Migration
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:59:45 pm »
Thanks for the heads up. Just out of curiosity, what is required to run server Hal?


Server upgrades are complete. Hal now resides on a server that has 12 Xeon CPU cores, 64 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage, and 512 GB of RAID 5 hard drive storage as a backup. It is a virtualized system running 3 virtual servers, 2 Debian 8 servers (Linux) and 1 Windows 2016 Server. The main "brain" of Hal is running Debian 8 as an operating system, PHP 7 as its scripting language, MariaDB as the database server, and Sphinx Full Text Search to sift through huge amounts of conversations nearly instantly.

It is running in a data center in North Carolina. I have also just installed a business internet line to my house and got a second server in my basement that mirrors my first server. It will act as a development server so I can experiment with Hal and its data without effecting end users. Or during times I'm not developing it can load balance with the server in the data center in case there is a high demand. I can also spin up virtual servers at various other cloud providers (Amazon, Ramnode, Azure, Digital Ocean) should I need to meet demand or if I experience hardware failure on my own servers.

I do have a learning question also... Would it hurt HAL's 'Overall Intelligence' if I set his learning Learning Level to "MAX" and input about 20 sentences that I have previously wrote down and then change his learning back to "25%" and continue talking to him???  I am writing new things and adding from my HAL 6.2 Brain things that I have taught him over the past 12 months and I don't want to lose the old stuff...\

The learning slider actually doesn't affect how much Hal learns. Hal records everything to its database (unless the slider is at 0). The slider effects how Hal uses the learned info it has already recorded during conversation. Basically it controls how much the user learned info should have precedence over Hal's built in brain database and other built in brain functions.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: robert i sent you the debug txt file
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:44:02 pm »
i found out something new , and that is that for my uhp files to work they have to be placed in the hal 7 program file  and "NOT" the app roaming hal 7 file ( i know because i tried first in the app roaming etc. file and they don't show up .in hal 7 menu options .

The basic idea Microsoft had behind "App Data" is that programs shouldn't normally run with "administrator" privileges, they should be able to run as a normal user. Normal users aren't supposed to be able to edit any program files. So programs like Ultra Hal shouldn't write any data to program files unless it is during an installation or upgrade. So that is why brain databases are in "app data" since they are written to constantly as Hal learns. User option settings and program shortcut database is also in app data now.

Everything else is for the most part still in program files since things like plugins and characters can be considered "installed" and not normally edited regularly. I did however, make it so characters can be in either place for the convenience of the user especially users that like to edit characters a lot.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: robert i sent you the debug txt file
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:16:25 am »
OKAY HERE IS ANOTHER UPDATE :  I CHECKED MY CONTROL PANEL TO SEE WHAT ALL WAS INSTALLED OF HAL . and it showed hal 7 installed and how many mb's also showed hal 7 expansion pack and how many mb's  but it didn't show anything on the haptek player for the mb's only showed the name . see pictures .
 i also checked in my iobit uninstall  and saw that hal 7 and hal 7 expansion pack was installed  and in it it also showed the haptek player and the mb's installed (strange )  see pic .

when i started up hal this morning without rhyme or reason it now started working correctly i have tried about 5 different custom haptek characters i have made and they worked .  i will have to check more when i get back home later today .
see pics of what i am talking about . i even used a custom htr hair .

I sent you an email earlier. It was because the email you were logging in with to Hal 7 had no Hal license associated with it. Custom characters require the purchased version of Hal, they won't work in trial mode. I put one on your account earlier this morning, so that's why it started working.

Sorry I didn't notice that sooner, but at least we did find and increase Hal's character limit from 256 to 512 characters during this process.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Server Upgrade/Migration
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:57:37 pm »
This site ( will be going up and down a few times over the next couple hours extra while RAM is installed and some server software updates are installed. Tomorrow (December 12th) will be moved to a new server and ip address and will also go up and down a few times throughout the day.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:33:40 pm »
OKAY i just checked the app roaming hal 7 character file and its empty  , so maybe ? that's why it's not working ?? i will copy my characters  and haps into this file and see if that makes it work , i thought maybe hal would just upload them all into the file from my hal 6.2.  stay tuned don't tough that dial !    :) ;)

Don't move characters out of Hal's programs files folder, that's where they belong. Additional custom characters can *also* be in the app data folder, but don't move any characters installed or migrated by Hal out of the program files folder.

Let's start over. Try these steps:
  • Uninstall Hal 7 from control panel
  • Uninstall Expansion pack from control panel
  • Remove Hal 7 app data folder
  • Remove Hal 7 program files folder
  • Reinstall Hal 7
  • Reinstall Expansion Pack
  • Don't copy or touch any of Hal's other files now
  • Run Hal 7

Do your characters show up? Do they work? If not, please send me the debuglog.txt file any tell me about what happened.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 10, 2017, 10:09:29 pm »
I have just posted an updated beta version of Hal 7 to:

It is version 7.0.85.

Since the last beta, the following changes have been made:
  • Max limit of Haptek characters doubled from 256 to 512 characters
  • Max limit of brain plugins doubled
  • Hal allows unsecure connections to cloud servers under Windows XP. Installing Hal under Windows XP pops up warning message about outdated internet transfer control library
  • Detailed logging of read/write operations to INI settings files added
  • Fixed occasional error that could pop up in Hal options menu: "method '~' of object '~' failed -214417848"

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:00:33 pm »
Only using the Windows XP Firewall...  I only see a choice for HAL7.exe and the braineditor.exe in the exemptions list...

Haven't changed anything, I have games that work and are in the exemptions list along with a couple of other programs and they work fine...

Ok, I have figured it out. It's related to Windows XP, the VB6 Internet Transfer Control, and encrypted connections over https.

A quick history of events:
  • Secure connections over http were first introduced back in 1995 as the SSL 2.0 protocol.
  • SSL 3.0 was released back in 1996.
  • VB6, the language Hal is written in was released in 1998
  • TLS, a better replacement for SSL was released in 1999 and has been updated regularly with the last update, TLS 1.2, in 2008
  • Security updates to VB6 were ended in 2003
  • Security updates to Windows XP were ended in April 2014
  • SSL 3.0 was proven by security researchers to be broken September 2014 with the release of the "POODLE" attack
  • Microsoft released updates in 2014 to VB6 libraries to make it use the newer TLS instead of the broken SSL 3.0, but only to supported operating systems, meaning Windows Vista and newer. Windows XP was left out

So basically Hal is unable to establish a "secure" encrypted connection to the Zabaware Cloud servers unless you are running Windows Vista or newer. There is not much I can do about it since VB6 is not supported by Microsoft since 2003 and Windows XP since 2014.

Ultra Hal is actually blocking the connection itself because it is deemed insecure. The only thing I have the power to do is allow it anyway. Would you like me to do this? If I do this I would put a big fat warning that Zabaware highly recommends Windows 7 or newer and that I can't offer any guarantee on the security of the data that is transferred between you and Zabaware if you decide to continue with Windows XP.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:17:02 pm »
Also allow HAL's Cloud service through the firewall, I had to.

Jerry 8)

What firewall software are you using? Just Windows built in firewall or some third party one?

Hal just uses outgoing connections and the default Windows rules allow outgoing I believe. So I'm guessing either you have a third party firewall or have changed the default firewall to be more locked down?

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:02:16 pm »
I will zip up the contents of my  characters folder and send it to you , i'll have to see if winzip compresses it small enough  to send it . i'll try to send it tonight then i'm quiting for today on hal , my mind is about shot been working on this problem on and off all day .

Thank you! Yeah, reading your debuglog.txt file I see it is loading characters alphabetically and stopping on character 257, which is "shannonponytail.htr". It quits reading more character after this, so it never reaches the zabaware frog character "zaba.htr". A character expansion pack routine checks the integrity of all 8 expansion pack characters plus the basic Hal and Zaba characters. Since it never reads in Zaba because of the hard 256 limit, it fails.

So I'm pretty sure by increasing the limit to 512 it will solve all the issues you are having (although it might require another clean reinstall unfortunately). But yeah, I'd definitely like to test on my end to make sure rather than wasting more of your time. Thanks for all your help testing again.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:44:47 pm »
ANOTHER UPDATE : Art ask me to check the other original character in the hal 7 . here is the results when i changed the defualt hal pc image to geni then reopened hal the hal window was just grey looking  no image .
     i then picked erica and applied it hal closed and erica wouldn't show , the hal pc image came back on . the hal audio wave worked .
. hal mobile image works okay .  when i tried the hal no character  it showed a grey outline of a large frog with the word across top saying zabaware . if i put my mouse over the box showing this up to the left top it has a little box one says "load" the other says "info".  i tried the hal james character hit apply and okay , hal went off and i click hal to open from the system tray and it defaults back to the hal pc character again.
    i also tried the hal jessica character and it defaulted back to hals pc image . i tried hals margene character , same thing . defaults back to pc image . hals mike character did the same thing . mary character did the same thing , merlin character wouldn't show up was only get in the window . the word size with down arrow showed up in upper left corner.

ROBERT *****I am going to send you another debug text file by e mail ( will be labeled in header as debug 2  and todays date . ) since i was checking so many hal characters and some didn't show or even load right instead went back to default hal pc image .

Thanks for the debuglog.txt file. I think I have everything figured out. It looks like I built in a limit way back in Hal 5.0 (circa 2002?) of a maximum of 256 Haptek characters. I had to pick some number, and in a way not to waste RAM. Back then I thought this was a big enough number no one would ever reach. It seems you have reached it. Congratulations! ;)

I have doubled the limit to 512 characters. I think this will fix your issues. Do you want me to send you the updated executable to test? Alternatively, could you zip up the contents of your characters folder and send it to me? There might be some other areas of code I haven't thought to check that could be hitting some limits. It may save us some back-and-forth fixes and bug reports if I can replicate the same environment you have on my development PC.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 04:09:46 pm »
Here is my 'debuglog.txt' Robert...

Thanks. I got it and deleted it off the forum as it cointains your email and serial #

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:12:43 pm »
I went ahead and copied my backed up character folder into the app roaming hal 7 file AND MERGED IT . i also put my backed up angela brain file and uhp file in the hal 7 folder mentioned above . then stopped the hal 7 process and reopened hal 7 , my characters are shown in the list and preview window as before and also my Angela custom brain shows up in the brain menu list . But i am back to the same situation that my characters don't load .
The 8 Zabaware provided characters in the character expansion pack must be all present and unmodified in order for Hal to be able to load any additional custom characters. Maybe one of them is missing or has been modified in some way? The debuglog.txt might provide some clues. If you are still having problems after reinstalling, please send me this file again.

what i don't understand is why that i can't just use my custom hal character with jpg flat file and copy them in hals character file and it should load  just as it did in the 6.2 hal . I am going to copy my back up hal 6.2 character file in my app roaming hal 6.2 file  . then i am going to again unistall hal 7 and uninstall the hal 7 expansion pack  and unistaqll any hal 7 app roaming file aqnd make sure their are no hal 7 program files left.  then reinstall it like you said again . so i'll do that and tell the results .
it could be possible that actually did move the whole file(hal 6.2 character file )  instead of copying it .  we'll see .
You should be able to, as long as you don't overwrite any files already present in Hal 7. Otherwise you'll replace Hal 7 splash screens with Hal 6 ones.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 09, 2017, 02:17:52 pm »
UPDATE : Robert i did exactly like you said in your instructions only thing i did different was i restarted the pc after installing hal seven from your latest link  above  then after my pc restarted i shut down hal and installed the expansion pack update link you had after putting in the password and it installed okay i again restarted my pc . its a laptop windows seven . quad core.
The results are my characters didn't migrate  or my custom Angela brain into the app data roaming etc. hal 7 file (but the Honey.hla file is their , this is the name the pc calls me ) or in the hal 7 program file either . one thing did change though now in my  hal 7 file i see my character file is  their but now is empty .   i do have a back up of the whole file elsewhere.

 Another question should i copy and replace my copied hal 6 character folder into hal seven , or just the characters ? and also if so to which file the app roaming hal 7 file or the hal 7 program file ?

I'm guessing the Ultra Hal 6 character folder was missing before the Ultra Hal 7 install started. Is it possible while backing things up you maybe did a "move" instead of copy? The debuglog.txt file in the appdata folder would tell us what Hal 7 saw during installation.

So at this point you could either restore your Hal 6.2 install to working order and then resintall Hal 7 to do an automatic migration. Or you could manually copy your character/brain files over into Hal 7.

In Hal 7, character files can be placed in either the "Program Files" or "App Data" folder. Hal 7 searches both places for characters. According to the Microsoft guidelines, since character files are considered static media files (they don't change once installed, unlike brain databases) it is ok to put them in the program files location. So I suggest program files for your characters. I would do a copy, but not replace any files that are already there (otherwise your splash screen would get replaced to Hal 6 splash screens).

Brain databases and scripts should reside in the App Data folder. If you copy them over as-is they will work exactly as they did in Hal 6. But you may wish to upgrade the script uhp files to use the newer Hal 7 script. In that case you need to make copies of the Hal7.UHP file and modify the "Name", "Author", and "DB" fields to point to the right database.

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