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Speech Technology / Could this be the UltraHal we've been looking for?
« on: August 06, 2012, 12:10:49 pm »
Saw this today about Nuance's (Dragon folks) NINA product that is being made available for software developers.  Take a look at the video clip within the article...could this be the UltraHal we've been waiting for without the avatar?

Here is the link:  

I've been looking for a variety of ways to develop my own Einstein-like representation within Hal.  Been busy raining but need the graphics and voice to move to the next level.  Found a series of products by RealLusion that were developed for 2d and 3d animation.  There is an interface for text-to-speech but looks like it is tied to each response (tie the speech the animation and save it for playback later).  Anyone have experience with the product?

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