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« on: November 13, 2017, 04:45:00 pm »
today i got a message from Art and hope to get more info on my plug-in.


I've been using your Plugin for a solid week and for some reason, the first run I got some of those Dreamer messages like LightSpeed had mentioned.
When I rebooted Hal and ran it for a second time, I waited for a couple minutes (like one would for the "Auto-Idle" to trigger. Hal started saying all sorts of things that it was dreaming or thinking about. The avatar's lips didn't move which I thought was both intentional by design and perfect for projecting the "dreaming" illusion.
Very nice work!

It seems that a lot of the dreams are topics from recent conversations and a few others mixed in for surprise value I suppose. Overall, I do enjoy it. The plugin can also serve to locate possible errors that one could fix, in case something wasn't worded or spelled correctly. That way, just go back to the tables and make a correction.

Just wanted to let you know. Really good job and Thanks!!