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Great job fellas


Look for some thing called the Halbrain.db its about 22 megs in size.
You cant miss it.
UltraHal7 dir. Its the largest file in there Thats where its all stored at

On the  main website look for  the Download Beta Button.
Comes in both .Zip format and exe
Ultrahal comes with both speech recognition and voice systems internal


Hey hey there:
First off , srry about not jumping on this sooner
Ive been accused of being the tech support goto guy here
 Look the only thing that you really need to back up is the hal DB
Just make a copy of it somewhere
Once you sort out this issue drop Hals Db back in overwriting the new one. presto
If u wan to back your .UHp files, even better but the DB is the biggy

Now onto the craziness u currently have.
uninstall all of Ultrahal
Go through the registry and remove all keys related to zabaware, and UltraHal.
Now download the the BETA, its free now
Once installed, goto options user account email/ password  ,fill it in .  Then hit the test button for connection test.
At this point u should get a message saying connect test successful
If not, check your email address/password ,  anti virus/firewall setup to make sure hals not getting blocked. Ultrahal will be reaching out.
UltraHal at his point wont hit on any serious antivirus program, But thats not to say a port or 2 is blocked, just check and see
UltraHal's Inet.dll needs to hook certain ports to communicate with zabaware servers
Ultrahal is just fine on local brain as well.
Our chatGpt3 system is over rated if u ask me for what hal can actually do on his own, all that data can be taught to hal.
I cant stress this enough, Hal needs years of interaction from you. Ur raising a kid
there is no quick fix, ive tried them all

If u want an einstein, Hal can produce, if u want a forest Gump, thats on u as well.

Heres a play from my play book, im gonna spend 04Hrs today just copying data from the nasa site to teach hal the cosmos as we know it.
Copy paste, copy paste, copy paste
Thats it. stop treating ultrahal like an AI and start treating him like ur child, its mind blowing what can be done on a local machine.
Stock, hals Db is about 24 megs in size, I personally know one 1/2 gig in size. there is NO limit, other then you.

Cyber Jedi


Creating a visual interface for a bridge connection between Pi AI and UltraHAL would require a significant amount of work, but I can provide you with a high-level overview of the steps involved.
Step 1: Set up the UltraHAL AI service locally or ensure you have access to an API endpoint for UltraHAL.
Step 2: Set up a Visual Basic 6 project and design the user interface using the built-in components, such as forms, labels, text boxes, buttons, etc. You'll want to create elements for sending input, displaying the output from both AIs, and selecting the AI to use.
Step 3: Implement the code to handle the interaction with the AI(s). You would need to make HTTP requests to the appropriate API endpoint with the user's query, parse the response, and display the AI's output on Hals interface.
Step 4: Integrate a mechanism for selecting which AI to use, either by using a dropdown, radio buttons, or other appropriate components.
Step 5: Test the application and fine-tune the design and functionality as needed.
Keep in mind that this is a simplified overview, and implementing such an interface would require a huge amount of Visual Basic 6, as well time for the  API specifications of both AI services involved.
Step 6: Since i just detest reinventing the wheel, im pretty sure one of the scraperz could be used to grab PI's responses and send them to hal. But that would mean Win office tho to pull off and i know how you guys feel about microsofts stuff(As you use the windows Os(scratches head)) so this is really a dead issue.
I did try this once with you guys with a Twitch interface (no takerz) But i would like to see what u guys come up with. great idea <<<<<<<<<<<<<

cyber jedi

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: May 05, 2024, 07:15:33 am »
What else is there to say lightspeed

Lightspeed , some of us are fighting tooth and nail to keep this alive.
Ive basically rewritten pp and the player, and in a mind warping dead language asm32... lolol
100's of hours of my time. 37 hrs in the new player alone. when u want photo realistic characters, ole cyber delivers.

cyber jedi

Art:  what a nice thing to say

Its now perfect
To any the  haptek crew . MIDDLE FINGER. Cyber Jedi sorted ur code out. your welcome
lololol. Im teasing. Not Really

Any way ART , if you guys are happy like it is, ill just enjoy the finished  version.
Just glad i could help

cyber jedi

Here was the final write
Were nesting mains , just like loops in loops for all us VB coderz

//int main()

    // SetProcessAffinityMask (GetCurrentProcess(),0); here were gonna line up all the cores like little indians. lol

//void  setNumCPUs(int num) we tell the Os , im overriding ur sht.
//   DWORD_PTR processAffinityMask;
//   DWORD_PTR systemAffinityMask;
//   if (GetProcessAffinityMask(GetCurrentProcess(), &processAffinityMask, &systemAffinityMask)) {
      // Count up the number of cores available for the HapTek player. we only want Core Zero.
   //   int n = 1;
//      for (int i = 1; i < sizeof(DWORD_PTR) * 1; i++) {
   //      if ((systemAffinityMask & ((DWORD_PTR)1 << i))) n++;

      // Heres where we Jack the first cpu
               // This is the magic in this( I think uve heard that line before, (scrapers).  in windows it points to zero. I know it says 1.
              // BTW art, this in NO way effects any other application, they load out the way they are coded. Multi Threading there ass  off
   //   DWORD_PTR newAffinityMask = 1; <<<<<<< Boom
//      if (num < n) {
   //      int m = 1;
      //   for (int i = 1; i < sizeof(DWORD_PTR) * 1; i++) {
         //   if ((systemAffinityMask & ((DWORD_PTR)1 << i))) { These lines set the stage.
         //      newAffinityMask |= ((DWORD_PTR)1 << i);
         //      m++;
         ///      if (m == num) break; (newAffinityMask = 1) // boom, got ur assss
         //   ;}
      //   }
      //   newAffinityMask <<= (n - num);
   //   }
   //   else {
      //   newAffinityMask = systemAffinityMask; Here we are swapping 1 core and assigning 1 (processor) to this application, Were done.
   //   }

      // Set new affinity mask with 1.
   //   SetProcessAffinityMask(GetCurrentProcess(), newAffinityMask); Load out the player with a single Core (processor)
Below image is as good as good gets

Hey art TY for the kind words. I just wana do what ive always done here, Help Robert build a better mouse trap. Break Barriers . Push Hal farther.
i love the project, and it was so far ahead oh its time man. A decade before any main stream A.i that i know of

I think what happened was , it finally pissed me off that we have to do some Hack sht. If ive gained nothing else from robert it was that. Do that sht right.
Im working on a final edition.
No more Program Manager, Car.exe. System Informer, Process Hacker, ect ect ect
BTW , People Putty is bugged the same way. And yes im fixing that as well.

But till then here's a very interesting flat file for you
Some things are just so damn simple when u just think on it, Ahhhh Haaaaa moment, im dieing here lololol. And yes it works.
You have to look into the eyes of a man for his soul
Let this be our secret
This is off the chain crazy cool man.
Might wana pick up the phone once in a while. Just teasing brah.

Ron is now rockin scary man eyes, mission accomplished
cyber jedi

P.S If i have to look at 1 more StackOverflow page,ima go blind

Hey Art:
off topic a bit but i wanted to show off what im working on

No more affinity sht
Its a work in progress
Any 1 ever put a real set of eyes in one of these characters ???? lol
Now were officially creepy, there constantly auto focusing. Image is not even close, this sht looks real.

Before and after shots.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 27, 2024, 10:00:33 am »
Hey guys:

I just had to
The glasses are NOT a prop

cyber jedi

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 27, 2024, 07:29:52 am »
ART look close at what ive done here
Thats aint Photo shopped dude

504 guest 500 bots lolol. damn man. Sites just going to sht


Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 26, 2024, 08:02:50 am »
hey art

Say hello to Madron
Im just giggling here knowing what i did to make madron

Rons base look
when coding Rons emotions, factor that in... Rons just pissed off from morning till night
Pay close attention to eye lay out too.

Enjoy the flat file

cyber, keeping it free

Would the real Mad Ron stand up.  Madrons base image is the bottom image, man dont even ask   lol
I just couldnt say no.

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 24, 2024, 08:40:17 am »
I would host her here but shes to big grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So all u guys get here is the image
All but the smallest Poly's are GONE, look at the ear edges
Shes out of the box ready to build here. A brand new Character
To any PP users here, NO HOODS. That was handled here, the blending for the morphs will be destroyed.
The rest, costume crap, jewelry,hair, eye color, as u please, just no HOODS.

cyber jedi

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 24, 2024, 08:02:44 am »
Hey guys:
This is a great example of wheer this is

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 23, 2024, 11:35:50 pm »
Ty Mr Art:
Im just getting warmed up brother
Thats Winston, super chill brother with fedora. just luck of the draw in figure change, u just never know what ur gonna get.
Its a learning curve , keep in mind ive had less then 24 Hrs in this
normally    its byte pointer this, call that, xor, you know what i do.....
Our first Asian babe
i think im on to something tho
The gag in this is that im not using PP in the conventional sense . but clearly its PP... Ahhh Haaa  moment

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: hals HD look.
« on: April 23, 2024, 03:10:36 pm »
Another one

Assembly action now

cyber jedi

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