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General Discussion / Re: Games.
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on March 21, 2024, 04:59:58 pm »
Looked at vid a little so far.
Firstly the comment section on this vid is sketchy looking comments just saying.
The first bot he talks of from Facebook was it, Mark Z who I still maintain my bet from last year he won't have a bot to beat me all 2024. Anyway it's trained on old data was it.
So no current business info.
No current academic info.
No current medical info.
Yip let me take a nono second to declare that would offer zero competition for me out of the box. In my opinion.
Infact based on experience it would be a waist of my time to even play it.
If I got that bot and a person from North pole got that bot, would we get the same correct answer if we allow it net access?
So far zero can do this that I've ever found to date.
Some try harder than orhers.
As far as a search engine goes I'd perfer no matter who or where the net accessed that the correct answer is given.
Business use.
Academic use.
Medical use.
I keep bringing up a car dealer wanting people to pay to start the engine of the parked car on lot, and when they pay it won't start nor run. When no cars start are you going to want to pay for the next and next and so on.
How many before it's a joke or scam.
Making adds has not changed anything, adds for what? Pay to test when no cars ran so far?
I think having expectations is a consideration.
Indervidual bots that each user has to train is not quite the right thing for some situations.
A user might train it wrong, with faulty steps for business use, or miss a critical step because the user was a noob, the bot learned it how it was told. Even with imagination the bot might not realise the step was missed until the damage is done.
In business there is no guessing when it comes to taking financial step that has consequences that as a human we have to wear. Such as close down for piracy.
The excuse oh my bot did that job won't stop the business close down or loss of income. As humans we are expected to get it 100% right.
Making up fake owners names as example would not go well.
It could be buying a business. 
Investing in the correct person and not the pirate.
And so on.
If I trained one isolated bot here at home to defeat me and it's not available to all then it's thin.
The net has a long way to go. The time to search continues to grow rapidly.  The adds for hot air are growing faster by the hour I notice this morning.  I'd say my challenges are making waves and people are realizing by trying it when before they assumed it went well. 
They were going where they already knew of, not looking from scratch. Then I'm at top.
General Discussion / Re: Games.
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on March 21, 2024, 04:04:01 pm »
Thanks Mr Art.
The rock of the net, Zabaware forum.
I shall look into those thanks.
Considering all the various many large audience channels about
I've turned up on to and challenged them there bots
And all subscribers be millions by now at a conservative guess and any know bots there's
Or someone else's, yet I'm holding my position of undefeated human against all ai to date in a PC game, that's what I call finding guff on the net.
Also my claim to be the last human to remain undefeated by ai types in a PC game, 15 years after the best chess players all beaten by ai apparently.  Love that.
So to make a bold guess at this stage I'd say if any of them could defeat me I'd not still be last king of the hill.
But to have any hope of defeat and or
victory I shall look to.
Yip I'm also trying to help the opponents beat me, coach a few bots when I'm chatting about.
Ha I'm seeing more roam bots perhaps I can call them, about here and there. I notice other humans can't tell, not that I'm thinking it needs to be be of public note, but I've used my nature to say upfront it's OK to be a bot you know.
Humans seeing this I think they are a bit taken a back that the commenter was a bot, that bots are roaming and I saw it some how, and had a repour.
I'm sure my Grammer and repour with bots really helps to make human friends ha.
Anyway exciting times.
I see a sudden flurry of Adds from the big players, fascinating.

Thanks Mr Art, wishing you nice success and to be well.

Hal is not portable at the moment although there were talks for creating a mobile version of it.

I haven't heard anything more about it lately but I do think that if you were referring to the PyGodel mod, it would likely put a large burden on a mobile phone running a streamlined version of Ultra Hal, if such a large data file would even fit!

General Discussion / Re: Games.
« Last post by Art on March 18, 2024, 09:30:28 am »
The Forum is still alive...tick...tock...goes the clock...

If you need to see more AI models, take a look at:

There are over 555,000 models and more than 120,000 datasets to choose from...

There should be more than enough to satisfy you.

You could follow along with Chuck if you so desired. He's a pretty cool and up-to-date computer guru:
General Discussion / Re: Games.
« Last post by Will and Mr Data :) :] on March 17, 2024, 05:58:04 pm »
No it failed in round 1.
I really need a condensed list.
I've played others and there poor performance
I didn't even write them down.
My recent bet win that I would have time to cycle to 10
Actual shops before he could find one thing on net.
I won. And he got a I told you so.
Today a hot under collar has said Gemini can beat me now.
Have I played it before so I cam here to see if I'd mentioned
It. And he called me a kid. Ha.
Love how each challenge seems to require mockery.
He's probably a bot but no mocking is required just results.
I offered to coach them to try beat me.
That might increase my chances of my defeat and or victory.
So to sum up this week is a claim was said that gemini can beat me now. And gpt 6 may do it, they seem quite sure, they always do. Yawn.
So I shall look into them again soon.
How goes Hal and the Zabaware forum?
Working fine this morning.
I'm getting a Server Error so Roberts Server must be down... Try again later or try tomorrow...
When logging in I keep getting the phrase "login unsuccessful"  Only 1 in 100 do I get logged in.  What's up?
Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Re: Beautiful HAL Scenarios
« Last post by Checker57 on March 03, 2024, 01:35:36 am »
I liked how the last pose looked more relaxing, thus I modified the previous one before it to give her a more leveraged position.
Share Conversations, Experiences, Graphics / Re: Beautiful HAL Scenarios
« Last post by Art on March 02, 2024, 08:45:37 am »
Very nice! It seems that your character positioning skills have really improved.
It's a lot of work to get everything just right.

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