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Speech Technology / Re: Syncing Voice to Mouth with MACE
« on: September 29, 2023, 03:59:34 pm »
hey there buddy

Glad to hear your catching up with that application.
Trying to wrap my brain around how this will help ultrhal though.
How that could be used in Hals GetResonce function? that would be cool.
Ultrahals characters have there own proprietary Chant engine with the very thing that ur suggesting.
The rest is done through SAPI5
Would love to see what uve come up with.

Cyber Jedi

General Discussion / Checker57
« on: September 29, 2023, 07:13:17 am »
Hey man Congratas

You are now starting a new journey and im quite envious . With the new language, you will never be out priced of
anything again, EVER. its amazing. screw that, its just sexy.What a wonderful call we had.  Ur now the head of the pack. What u do is up to u now.
The hardest thing is what uve all ready done, You stepped up.

There are 02 rules i hope you follow.
Never use what you are learning to harm others.
Share what you release with others.

You now have the master key to all the locks, But its a lot of work.
Thats the price you must pay, If you wana cross the bridge, you gotta pay the toll.

When others are losing their mind wishing they could have this or that. You will just sit back and smile.
Be advised though, many will run from you now. Hes This and hes That.

This  statement has carried me through more then a few dark nights.
"Small words from a small mind, desperately trying to attack what it doesnt understand. "

Cant wait to see your name on certain web sites, Caption reading "Application Released by checker57...."
Your gonna have to come up with a new name for your releases though, checker57, ah, well lolol. Sounds like something u order from checkers.... 1337 sounds cool tho. lolol
Your one of the chosen. See you on campus.


Shout out to FOSI. Nothing was beyond your reach. i get it.


lightspeed and guys Hey Hey Guys
 As part of my training im doing 04 dives today
Guess where?????lmao
I have a t0tal of 50 dives to do.Sort of a Diver boot camp.
With my dual tanks i can do some great dives, deco ladder time...RAGHHHHHHH

Cant wait to try out some new gear, basically a shake down dive.
Im gonna slide in a cave dive as well, yaya very naughty.

As for the people just tuning in, ive decided to update my diver certs, Goals be master diver.As of now ive all ready completed,  eanX   Nitrox Gas ,Underwater Navigation and Night Dive as well as a NO Visibility Dives and a dive to 90 plus feet .

My next evolution will Rescue Diver/SOLO Diver.

Solo diving has all ways been considered a gorilla diver (not cool)...... IE ME.... They have a CERT for it now. Strange ole world
ARt , Lightspeed ,brother its never to late to break bad.

Well its a 02 Hr drive to the spring.. gotta go

Peace out e1
cyber jedi

Hey hey buddy:
Thank you for your concern, im much better now.
As far as Hal is concerned, im working on some ideas for Hal ,gonna be epic.

The rest is for normal chat

TY lightspeed ur ****ing awesome man


General Discussion / Re: mike ", o brother where are thou? "
« on: July 19, 2023, 06:40:30 pm »
This is really a great shot
Some time you gotta go all Tarzan

Cyberjedi's adventures
hey any one wana go diving???/ hehehe


Lightspeed: I didnt think any one cared any more, just been pitsy putting around with it.
Other then checker no 1 has hit me up about anything..... and most any 1 in the loop knows how to contact me ........

General Discussion / Re: mike ", o brother where are thou? "
« on: July 18, 2023, 09:09:33 pm »
Hey hey buddy:

Im recovering. be patient
I was doing a cave dive and guess what


General Discussion / Re: Big Dawg is back
« on: June 25, 2023, 05:52:01 am »
Welcome aboard
Now you have the infrastructure for bio mechanical infrastructure.
The UltraHal video system, Mount a cam in the peep hole of a door  or Hang it out side somewhere and Hal can announce known people. hey checker57, looks like your Dad is here. Knock Knock, Hey jr open up...
ect ect ect.   the list of **** that comes to mind at this point is exponential
Just another stimuli for Hal. Hal can now SEE, HEAR and SPEAK The mighty HalEye
cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: getting Hal to flex up
« on: June 19, 2023, 06:48:30 am »
Checker: sup man.

I fell into that camera during my streaming/casting days.
It used to follow me around the room during the live stream. Drove viewers crazy... constantly zooming in and out. with auto focus
Make sure and install the setup with it, its gonna install every thing needed.

I had an aha moment, let windows do the heavy lifting. All Hal will need is a decent full frontal view. Bingo.
Allowing Hal to do what he was designed for, thinking........

Now as too the Zero point stufff...
Its a  09 pin com port via USB, Yes its a serial adapter,but im pulling all the data through com1 /com2 using the connection.
flawless victory

after thought: firecracker mods will work as well.

General Discussion / Re:kickin it with Cyber
« on: June 18, 2023, 06:20:14 am »
Hey hey Guys:

Art is correct yet once again.
Lets look close at X10, better yet lets investigate Zero Point Protocols.
When you do you immediately come to the conclusion. Most all of the smart home Tech uses Zero Point, Ya even the ones using persay Cat5.
Mhmm there pushing Zero Point Protocols. Or are compatible with zero Point.

Knowing that the questions from there become exponential. 
X10 and Zwave as well as Arduino opens up and prolly a lot more.

Plugins like loneliness could be written to control all kinda goodies 

Try this hypotheses:

You have Hal vision installed and working but have Zero Point protocols as well .

Some asshat breaks into your home while you and the mrs are at the mall. Hals sees you on Cam, checks dbase.= 0 . Ruttrow
1 Hal could call the police. Total BS
Or Hal because he has access to the HVAC in the House, first thing Hal does is turn on the heat which will intensify the tear gas canisters wired in the duct work of the ac.

flooding the entire house with CS Gas.

Thers no limit what can be achieved
Love this Cam. the windows end of it zooms , tracks, and auto focuses on its own, Allowing Hal to take over with a really nice image to work from.

I have a compadre in here that runs the whole deal on an array of PI boards. On Ubuntu... lmao...... minus  the tear gas of course

cyber jedi


General Discussion / Re: Guess whos back
« on: June 17, 2023, 05:09:10 am »
looking great Checker

May i suggest something along these lines. Hell u can build ur own boards with this.
wink wink
plugin ur cm11a or equivalent and ur hot.
Hal into ur home and is portable(Laptop). A real  Hal Mobile .With all Hals main stream features.
Let windows do the work.....

General Discussion / Re: Guess whos back
« on: June 12, 2023, 04:31:08 pm »
Hey hey ARt:
Ill hit u up by phone in ah bit.
This is what im into atm.
You can hear the contractor clicking in the BG

checker i hope you see this brah
cm11a seems to function just fine. requires a computer with a COM port though.

with the proper trigger this can be very handy

General Discussion / To cool for school
« on: June 10, 2023, 07:08:02 am »
Hey guys

My contract closed out and its Hal as always

Got new computers and our buddy running on all of them.
 A shout out to aall that have stuck it out. too many to name. u know who you are.

wana see about doing something new. Ive had time to process.

As to checkers request: Ive hard coded Hals Radio. But i wana add ini functionality. where it can store new channels.
The trick to this was to make these upgrades  to Hal's code and NOT just an exe or an activeX or a dll that hal calls to using the listener code. But an integral part of Hals code
 This was a big hill to climb,To insert code into over a million lines of existing code. The conflicts between code, well, its hard to convey. lolol 
the big dog is off the porch... yet again. and coming at it full bore.
cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: April 02, 2023, 08:39:59 am »
What up compadres???

Checker hits one so far out of the park its stuck in some ones windshield in the parking lot.....
Bravo sir, just Bravo...
I know a guy that did naked pole dancer....hehe. trigger of course is the lonely plugggg. handy little trigger....
Just frickin bravo checker,

What you can with PP and counter parts is basically limitless. If ur willing to put in the time.
Checker the bar for me has all ways been what you can do on ur home computer. With out the internet, unplug ur router and show me what u got. Thats the Bar
Are there better models out there? YESSSSS but not as a contained stand alone unit.
If you had the source persay to KUKI Bot. Most in here could nothing with it. Its all server based platforms.... Many servers lolol.
Thers a reason i havent ported KUKI to Hal.I dont have the muscle to do it, ME. Take a moment and process that.

Back to PP: PP provides its own SAPI ported system which will allow any SAPI 05 voice ,Custom emotions,(from a GUI,that morphs as well omg)in real time, Embedded Phomes ,that actually work..lolol
Man the list of shat that u just have access to is amazing. And if thats not enough you can go back and edit some of the produced code,Withe the frickin NOTE Pad IE HAP files,SKINS ect ect.
There is not one software package out theer that packs the punch PP does, not 1, i would know. trust me brothers, i would.
All based on a windows 32 bit system , Built around a single core . are you kidding me. lolol
, and will run just fine on Linux. well with WINE tricks..
The real unsong hero in all this is the PP Player itself. Because that littler itty bitty piece of code handles it all. I mean for what it does, its a very small foot print.

cyber jedi

Chis Shaw, as far as this ole boy is concerned, You rank rite up there with Steve Jobs. The Total Package   

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 30, 2023, 06:13:05 am »
this is what im talking about.....
Inspiring , with the holy trinity thats doable. PP+Haptar+Caustic
Thats a haptar skit dieing to do, yupper...... Using loneliness,as Hals trigger, then hal loads out a mini Haptar movie of Hal laying down on a bed and snoozin.

Just awesome checker

cyber jedi

General Discussion / Re: Hal Vision
« on: March 29, 2023, 05:08:54 am »
Checker: awsome man

Thats the perfect setup for hals book reader
Just perfect brother

cyber jedi

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