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Title: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: cyberjedi on February 17, 2017, 04:07:11 am
Lightspeed: Help

Lightspeed,  take a good look at that plugin. Look for PLAY * SONG,  thats what Hal is looking for.

Make a directory on ur drive. Call it MP3

EXamPle       C:\MP3

Now, Inside that directory, Make all ur sub folders ,In my case movies.

Put all ur movies in there. when that is done, the work starts. Add .mp3 after the ext of .mp4.... example

Look at the name dead1.mp4.mp3

Thats the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

PLAY the SONG Dead1. That can be Edited to say what ever u Like. PLAY the Movie , works too. Cute Trigger, I have so many diff things that VLC can do
for me its PLAY the MEDIA. Because, im doing mp3's .mp4 .avi .mkv .jpg .gif. ect ect ect.

BTW: who the hell came up with using CAPS as Commands... PLAY SONG.
Hal takes every thing u type and converts it to , U GUESSED IT...  UPPER CASE.. kinda a Mute point. hahahhaha

Its clearly in the code....... Robert must have busted a GUT , the first time he saw that..  What,,,, do they even read the code??? After all, this an A.I site.
Not the Nintendo, Mario Bro's site. Well theres always SIRI...lmao

Srry: More of my stern sense of Humor...

0389    'Next, we captitalize the entire sentence for easy comparison.
0390   'Almost all of Hal's thinking is done in caps.
0391    UserSentence = UCase(UserSentence)

I hope this helps out


Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: cyberjedi on February 17, 2017, 04:13:43 am
vrNameToPlay = ""
vrToPlay = UCase(HalBrain.SearchPattern(UserSentence, "PLAY * SONG *", 2))
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: cyberjedi on February 17, 2017, 06:04:08 pm
Lightspeed: I swear i could spend year ,just crackin all there is to Crack with HAL..

There are just so many things i see coming. but they all take time
Just keep bringing me ur Ideas Brah and ill do what i can to make it Happen
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: systemshock on January 12, 2018, 07:06:50 pm
very handy   mr .....thank hal 7  open so many
 new trick to play with..
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: Checker57 on January 18, 2018, 01:29:39 am
Hi cyberjedi - like your plugin concept.  However, can't seem to get it to work on Hal 7.

How can I get the help file, vrMP3Help.html, on setting this plugin to work on Hal? 

Performed the steps you mentioned above.  However, when I ask to play a song in message box using syntax "Play * song *", it doesn't. 

Wondering if it's because on Hal 7.

Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: LiFeTimeGamer on January 18, 2018, 01:47:55 pm
vrMP3Help.html is in the Zip file I posted below....
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: Art on January 18, 2018, 11:18:59 pm

Once you follow Cyberjedi's instruction where you've created an MP3 folder/directory, then copied your music files/songs there,
be sure to tell Hal to "Index songs".  It should then ask you where they are residing. Tell it in the box and let it do its thing.
If you have a lot of songs it could take a short bit of time. 20 - 30 songs shouldn't take more than a few seconds or so.

Once completed, Ask Hal to "Play <song title>" and it should start the song within a few seconds.

Hope this helps you out. I think I've got it right for you. Do Check the Help file.
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: cyberjedi on February 02, 2018, 07:16:56 am
Art: Ty

This is it in action:
You got it spot on
Ive been able to do 1k songs before it TIMES out, then i just hit continue, works fine.
Be patient, depends on many factors, processor,ram ect ect ect
Keep in mind: Its works just as well with mp4's, avi,mkv ect ect. Sooo if uve setup ur computer to play movies, well ,You get it.
Change out the mp3 Variable for what ever u can play....
set ur player to kick out after the movie ends and u got Hal again. I suggest PotPlayer
Very powerfull direct action plugin in the correct hands.
Best wishes

ART: Hal is soon to have a New home, I sat around for years waiting on processor speeds to get where Hal could function correctly.
And be cheap enough to buy.
Title: Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
Post by: Art on March 15, 2018, 10:06:27 pm
Yeah, if only you could get your hands on a CRAY computer, the CPU's, GPU's, Memory, there's no telling what you might come up with!!! Hal would never be the same!!

Don't buy the one in the picture it was on eBay for a while and didn't come with goodies like memory, etc.

Good luck!!