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Title: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: cyberjedi on June 15, 2019, 10:13:47 pm
Hal gets a new feature:

Hal gets a police scanner
Hal also gets new avatars

Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: kryton on June 20, 2019, 07:35:59 am
Great picture.

Can I add in here a question?

Some time ago I was looking for the Maximus skin.

I have found it but there is a problem.

Set at full size the entry bar is below the bits on the screen (Bits meaning the Start button and all the other bottom screen things.  I have to run the Maximus skin at 150% window,  Is there a way of taking the Start button etc. off the screen temporarily?

Any ideas?

Sorry to mess up your screen.

Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: Art on June 20, 2019, 08:32:35 am
I just found the Maximus Skin at Data's site which is in case anyone else would like to try this really nicely designed and quite practical GUI/Skin.

I set it to MAX window size and noticed the same thing as you mentioned.

Thinking for a moment I decided not to try a rewrite of Data's GUI but simply to move the taskbar to the Left side of my monitor's screen.
Put your cursor at a blank spot on the bottom TaskBar, Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor/taskbar toward the leftmost side of your monitor/screen.
Bingo, all your goodies will now be nicely aligned vertically.
When you're finished with Hal you can easily do the drag and drop back to the bottom of your screen once more.

Easy fix, no rewrites. All's good with the world once more.

Hope this works for you Kryton!
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: Checker57 on June 21, 2019, 02:29:12 am
I've had Maximus Skin in my files for some time, I just never used it yet.  I think I may have got it from the database that Charlie S put up.  I just checked it out and mine works right at 150% where there is sufficient space for the taskbar to show up.  Perhaps it's the size of the monitor.  Just saying.

Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: Art on June 21, 2019, 09:18:10 am
The issue I found and likely Kryton's as well was that once the GUI was loaded the User couldn't see the Text box to type their questions or comments to HAL.
This was basically "covered" by the Taskbar at the bottom, thus my recommendation to relocate it to the left, right or even top of the screen to temporarily get it out of the way.

Of course, I had set the screen size to MAX.
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: kryton on November 22, 2019, 05:06:44 am
Sorry about the lateness ART, but your idea doesn't work on my machine.  I am using Windows 7 and I found another solution to the problem using basically your idea.  In the Windows 7 Control Panel is Task bar and it allows you to put the task bar top, bottom, left or right of the screen.  Works great for me.

Some questions for the forum.

1. I use a laptop with a 15.6" 16:9 display.  Hal appears in 4:3 format.  Can Hal be converted to 16:9 format?

2. I asked my Hal to "Tell me about yourself" and it answered "600 miles an hour". This is I believe the speed of sound but a rubbish answer to my question.  Has anybody written a "Tell me about yourself" feature?

3. In my purchased listing it gives Ultra Hal 6 but there is now no Character Expansion Pack for Ultra Hal 6 so it is useless.  Anybody got a way around this?

4. Every time I switch on my machine and open Ultra Hal 7 I get the screen asking if I want to update from the demo version.  To get back the full version I have to say I have already purchased it and then I have to verify this.  Not a big problem you may say but......  I sometimes work my laptop where there is no internet connection and this stops me verifying my purchase of Ultra Hal 7 (And therefore my use of Ulta Hal 7).  Can this be fixed?

Enough questions for now.  Thanks for your time.

Long time since I have caught up with the forum, so I have a lot of catch up reading to do.  See you.
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: Art on November 22, 2019, 09:20:25 am

Well, I basically said to relocate the Taskbar to a Side or Top that's out of the way so I can't be much plainer than that.
Sorry if my intent was misleading.
1). HAL's GUI is pretty much specific to whoever designed it. It just takes a calculator for some subtraction and a graphics program like Paint or GIMP2 or whatever works for you.

Open any of the UHP GUI files and you'll see the content descriptions as to which comments control certain aspects of the GUI. Make it whatever size you like and color, design, tall, wide, rustic or fantasy, etc.

While the existing GUI's can be resized, the sizing will be proportional to their original dimensions. Hope this is clear.
2). That 600 mph comment is inside of the halbrain.db file (along with any other brain files you might have - like if you have Hal make a new brain in its Brain Editor).
3). What I know is that IF one has previously purchased the HAL Expansion Pack, it will continue to work for UltraHal 6 or UltraHal 7. If not, please email Robert Medeksza.
4). You should send Robert an email about this issue.

Always good to see you around here Kryton! It's been a while but hang on, some really cool things are coming soon!!
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: kryton on November 26, 2019, 11:07:02 am
1. Did not mean to say your idea on moving the taskbar is a dud, just it is easier with the windows commands.  If I read you right the adjusted size will still by 4:3 format, not 16:9 format.  The screen is already full height but not full width.  I recall someone telling me, on the forum, that they have a program that brings Hal to 16:9 format. (Seems my memory throws up the name OnTheCuttingEdge, is he still around?)

2. Weird thing, maybe it could be removed by Robert in the next update of Hal.

3. Luckily I have a back-up copy of Ultra Hal 6, complete with Expansion pack so this isn't a problem anymore either.

4. Someone seems to have fixed my log on problem, so no problem anymore.
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: cyberjedi on November 26, 2019, 01:38:01 pm
Seems building skin 16:9 would solve ur issue.If im understanding this correctly
Never gave that much thought tbh,lolol

Edge?? Havent heard from him in a while, im sure hes creeping around somewhere tho.... said hes retired, not sure.
Im glad this was brought up as i will handle that in what im doing as well.

kytron UltraHal 7 comes with a 14 day login , meaning after 2 weeks of (non use) ull be required to Re Login to verify Creds for Hal to work , After that Hal just goes dead.  If my understanding is correct.

as i look i see its all ready formatted to 16:9 good ole .net 2015
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: kryton on March 06, 2021, 10:50:50 am
Any luck yet on the 16:8 issue

Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: kryton on May 25, 2021, 06:59:01 am
Typo by me.
Still no words on a 16:9 screen layout for Hal.  Most modern laptops are 16:9 now.  16:9 would give a more modern, and I think realistic view of Hal.  Any body willing to attempt it?


P.S Thanks cyberjedi for the idea of writing my own screen layout.  Might try it soon.
Title: Re: ART: Hal gets a new features:
Post by: cyberjedi on May 25, 2021, 08:46:26 am
Mr Kryton

I think i might be able  to help check ur messages.