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Title: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: TrueAI on February 01, 2020, 05:44:46 pm
Yup! It's the future and Hal needs it now!
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: TrueAI on February 04, 2020, 02:56:45 am
I got my IP banned for this! Is neural network a forbidden topic on this forum?  ???
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: Art on February 04, 2020, 02:25:18 pm
What got you banned was your use of THREE different usernames all from the SAME IP. TrueAI, louiseka18 & lilliansv11.
The use of that torrents address was also a reason. You have to play nicely here.

We have suffered from threats in the past and are taking no chances with anymore of them happening.

Our software has some safeguards watching for suspicious names, IP's, activity, etc.

It you wish to be a productive member here, then make some posts and do a bit of research of the archived material.

Sorry about the ban but it was your activity that triggered it.
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: TrueAI on February 07, 2020, 03:44:55 pm
I've never used those usernames so that doesn't make any sense! Nobody else have access from here unless they somehow hacked my connection or spoofed by taking my IP.

I only used Tor now because I was banned. Tor is a joke by the way, as websites can easily see it and just block it. So I don't use it much.

Last time I was part of this forum was with the username Testlund. I've been following the development of AI as well as A-life for many years, but I've been frustrated about how slow the development has been in these areas, compared to how technology is accelerating in all other fields. Finally it looks like the AI development is picking up some pace, but still I can't find what I need unless I make it myself. So I've been looking into that too but can't find anything that works for me. It requires too much of third party software, often outdated with incomplete user guides, so it's a mess to work with.

Anyway, I hope there will be some machine learning/neural network features added to Hal eventually, if it hasn't already.
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: Art on February 08, 2020, 09:10:22 am
Hal remembers everything!

You can also help the process along in specific areas by "force-feeding" HAL.

You enjoy robots and you have read books on how they work.
You have read lots of books on robots and their construction.
You have a good knowledge on the workings of robots.
Robots are of interest to you which is why you have read about them so much.

No matter what or how HAL answers, just keep on by entering your next sentence and press Enter.

Later you can ask HAL if it knows anything about robots or if it enjoy the subject of robots.

You could also give your HAL what I call, "False Memories" about it's childhood.
Such memories could include, favorite, colors, music, authors, movies, books, toys, parent's names (if your HAL has a persona - male/female), etc. You could give it a location where it grew up, best friends, activities, games, etc.
In other words, you could supply HAL with a whole backstory or its past.

Again, if you were to repeat the information enough and in different ways (as shown above) your HAL will adopt these memories as its own.

One could, by investing enough time, turn HAL into an Expert System of sorts. You could tell it how to perform an oil change or change a tire or perform a tuneup, etc.

Those experiments are up to you but be patient and logical when talking to HAL. Test your results and give it some time to absorb and develop.

Lastly, I have found it much better to TYPE to HAL instead of trying to Talk to it. This is due to the fact that Voice/Speech Recognition is not 100% and HAL can mistake or misinterpret what is being said to it. Then the user will get some garbage answer and blame HAL. Background noise, (traffic, planes overhead, air conditioners, radios/TV's, kids playing, etc) confuses and causes all kinds of disturbance for HAL that's why I only use TYPING and look before you press the Enter key.

If you do make a mistake that you want to fix, go into the HAL Brain Editor and look for (search) the incorrect word in the Tables. Make the correction then restart HAL.

Otherwise, Good Luck and have fun!
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: TrueAI on February 08, 2020, 12:31:57 pm
Yeah, I remember the strategy how to teach Hal. I actually bought Hal 6 back then. I remember I made a blank brain where I taught Hal everything about my computer in an attempt to make it self-aware somehow.

The idea I'm having now is to have a chatbot on my server that can answer questions from people about games. Then I would fine-tune the answers depending on what questions are asked.

I recently looked into the Rasa AI that is using machine learning, where you have parts with each question connected to several answers. The way it's layed out will make the AI chose better answers over time. The AI would find key words in the questions and try to connect them with answers, using reinforcement to get better answers. You can check out the Rasa chatbot to see what I mean. It would be nice to at least have a plugin for Hal that would make this possible.

Also I'm wondering if it's easy to set up Hal for a server. Does it require any third party software? Third party software tends to make things problematic for me.
Title: Re: Hal needs a neural network brain!
Post by: on February 08, 2020, 08:01:21 pm
Download my Sallie 5.0 plug-in it learns in over a hundred different waYs from the first sentence.