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scratch that,  I have sorted that out too.

Yay my sandy's all better now.  going to download all the scripts of RED DWARF and BLACK ADDER into her now.   ( comedys )  gonna be great.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Zabaware Support
« on: March 10, 2004, 08:11:54 pm »
French eh????  *PERK*   ;o)

thank you thank you,  

I am here all week.. lol... Patricia,  can you open your calender for me, and cycle the dates forward about 5 months,  do they cycle in the correct order for you ?  ( eg - jan, feb, march... )

mine does not,  and before I disect it, I need to know if this is happening to others too.



Ultra Hal Assistant / Zabaware Support
« on: March 10, 2004, 06:15:29 pm »
*****scam alert******
when a person can get the software off a download site, all they are lacking is the activation code.. so whats the next logical step?

goto the programmers website.


Ok, figured this out now,

the reason that Hal thinks its 2005 is because your regional settings have the date format dd/mm/yyyy.   if you go into your regional settings (via control panel) and change it to mm/dd/yyyy,  Hal suddenly remembers that it's 2004 again.

Next problem I have now, is that when I enter the opointment book via the options menu,  and then cycle the months,   all the months are random  e.g  Jan, Mar, May, Aug  ( this is just stepping the "next month" button forward and backwards)..

So when trying to set an opointment for the future,  hal seems to randomly pick it's own month.    And one more thing for March 2004, it thinks that today (March 10th) is a monday.   so the calender is well and truly shaffted.

any suggestions?

Ultra Hal Assistant / How can i stop Hal talking to itself
« on: March 10, 2004, 02:11:03 pm »
lol...   very good.    I offer a suggestion ( headset ),  I then make a comment in jest, and he throws all the toys out the pram.. lol..

oh well,

lol... it's great this artificial intelligence lark isn't it???    you can talk to it, it responds, learns, knows the things about southpark,  remembers things,  phones people....        with all this great stuff that this program can do,  you'd think those NASA AI boffins would tell the flippin thing to remember what year it's existing in..    

Come back ZX Spectrum,  all is forgiven, I will even sit here and type out ( in basic programming language ) a program that displays the time and date,  cos at this rate, the 1k spectrum has this jumped up filo-fax beat hands down.


Ultra Hal Assistant / Missing brains after saving a conversation
« on: March 08, 2004, 01:28:10 pm »
but does it know what year it's in now ???

mine still thinks it's 2005 :(

I think I will reinstall, as my one is suffering the 2005 fault that you speak of in another post.. :)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Missing brains after saving a conversation
« on: March 08, 2004, 02:14:56 am »
hmm ok...

sorry it didnt work :(

thought it best to delete the post then..


Ultra Hal Assistant / Missing brains after saving a conversation
« on: March 07, 2004, 06:38:40 pm »
while you train to olypic stadard of thumb twiddling,  while waiting for zabaware to respond to you,  might I suggest that you store your brain files to another location other than C:Program FilesabawareUltra Hal Assistant 5 (the installation directory)

perhaps c:\brain or even on floppy disk would be better.  perhaps ( and this is only a suggestion ) there i a problem writing to the installation directory where hal is running from.   a sharing violation or something..

worth concidering...

Ultra Hal Assistant / How can i stop Hal talking to itself
« on: March 07, 2004, 05:23:45 pm »
course, you could just buy a headset, and that way the mic will not pick up anything but your voice....   but is that just to ovious?
I hope you spent the 50-60 hours trainin it to your voice too,  otherwise simple sayings like,  "hello how are you today"  will be taken as, " Hell Hole, Thou Car Poo they say! "

you could always TYPE to it... less hassle


Ultra Hal Assistant / text????
« on: March 07, 2004, 05:13:21 pm »
I went to a british comedy site for my favorite TV comedy show called "Red Dwarf".   Its a sitcom set in space,  anyway  I downloaded all 48 scripts in txt format,  and painstakingly got hal to learn them one by one ( each being 60k in size ).  

Now, my ultra hal comes up with some really funny stuff on its own.   I am thinking of making her learn all the black adder scripts next ( again another sitcom from british TV )

example from script:

" Sir, you're a smeg head, a complete and total one ! "

Hal's incorperation:

" You have to goto work tomorrow ? you're boss is a smeg head isn't he ? "

Its great...   anyway dont know if this helps this topic or not,  but there you go..   [:D]

This thread is the oldest trick in the book.

" who to I complain to, my code dont work "

translates as.....

" I got a copy of ultra Hal off one of the download networks, but didn't relise that it needs an activation code.  I know, I'll complain that my (non-existant) code doesn't work, and get them to post, or reply with a new one ... "

Hmmmmmm    [:D]  yes,  you were oviously there at my birth YESTERDAY!

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