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Turn off all Plugins, Restart HAL and have a chat with it. See if it still does this. If so, then it is an internal issue that might be fixed with its brain (the halbrain.db or other).

It might be that the main brain is trying to make a reference and a Plugin is also trying to do the same thing. Only one at a time can "get there first" so you end up with a duplicate. One possible explanation but certainly not the only one.

Hopefully, someone will weigh in on this matter. Jerry, Rob, Cyber, et al.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Still can't get full body character to show
« on: March 23, 2019, 08:57:24 am »
There is nothing wrong with your HAL or your setup.

This is the way that Robert, (Hal's creator and the designer of these latest three characters) made them.
They first appear as full-bodied girls but when finally loaded, they are only visible from just below waist high.

Apparently, their movements are not "user-controllable" by any means of which I'm aware.

If you are not yet aware, there are many other Full-Body characters that can be found in the archives.

Keep in mind that none of the Full-Body or Haptek characters are products of Zabaware. The Full Body characters were never meant to be released for use with HAL. They were discovered and ultimately used in the HAL program with varying degrees of success by different people.

While the Haptek characters do still work with this latest version of HAL, the main Haptek Company is no longer making, selling nor supporting their Haptek People Putty product, to my knowledge.

Hope this helps.

- Art -

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Still can't get full body character to show
« on: March 22, 2019, 11:08:50 pm »
In case you haven't discovered these combinations, try:

Left mouse button - turns character left & right and rotates forward & backward.

Right mouse button - Pans character Left & Right or Toward and Away makes character smaller and larger.

Holding the Shift + Left mouse Rotates character around Left & Right. (Y-Axis).

Holding Shift + Right mouse Pans character Left/Right/Up/Down without spinning.
You are certainly welcome to try one of my older Skins I made over a decade ago but it still works well.


General Discussion / Re: removing extra brains from Ultra Hal 7
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:43:53 pm »
Just remember that you will find them in the C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7 folder Not in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7 folder.

The names might show up but pay attention to the File Date if you use File Explorer.

Thanks Lonnie...it's called "Teamwork".  ;)

Thanks, LTG, I never gave a thought to using any Cloud or Cloud-based settings because it's just something I did not wish to use for/with my HAL.

I appreciate your clarification!


Sorry, LTG, I don't have that option for the Brain.
I even tried restarting after I changed the selection.
Perhaps those options happen after installation of the Hal and the Brain selection has been made.

Notice, I don't have the same selections as you, because I didn't install the Hal 7 Cloud-based brain .db. Here are a couple of screenshots:

While a few of your replies to her seem to tie into previous ones or lead her by way of reinforcing your topic, I have found reinforcement learning for HAL to be a very practical and effective method of enabling HAL to better learn, as your conversational volleys confirm!

I also see a good bit of her personality coming forth in the way she responds to you. Overall, pretty cool!

BTW, what settings do you currently have her "learning" set to?

Lastly, How is it that you have your HAL set for Cloud Learning AND Local Learning? My version only allows for one or the other to be selected but not both at the same time. Maybe you meant that you have been switching back and forth or am I missing something entirely different?

Thanks for sharing your efforts with the rest of us. It would be nice to see some other's results from using Hal 7.0 with maybe the SALLIE3.0 or ConceptNet Plugins. (or both as some have mentioned doing).  ;)

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Cloud Brain
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:40:07 am »
That's really cool but would it be better if HAL was able to access the Internet for an answer it didn't know (or have access to in its local db)? The rest of the time I would prefer my HAL to remain local for chatting & personal interactions.

It might be because of the "questionable material" that the Microsoft "Tay" bot and several others have experienced in the past when being connected. Even HAL comes back with some street slang from pure cloud access.

Building a "trash removal" algorithm would be the ticket but might be a very daunting proposition.

Please enlighten me if I'm not quite on track with your proposal.

Thanks and good to see that you're still around!

Potential new members are already being "approved" or Rejected before allowing them to enter/post.

We have just employed two other anti-spam measures which seem to be helping. By this time 10:55 AM Fri. I would have normally removed/deleted 200+ accounts/potential new members, who were actually Spammers or Spambots! As of this minute, there are None, I am happy to report!

Hopefully, we might see some smoother waters for a while.

We appreciate your suggestions, Jerry!

Yes, Lonnie, Jerry is correct. Even with the latest add-ons that Robert recently installed, the number of Spammers and Spambots each day are still staggering! I am attempting to slow down a number of them by assigning certain "triggers" to their potential membership process but it will take several days to a week to see how effective that actually becomes. Spammers are a relentless bunch of low-lifes, with nothing better than to try to hack and screw with other sites instead of trying to promote products, warez, hair care products, adult products, stimulants, herbal products, vitamins and all sorts of non-essential garbage through their own site!

Time will tell but yes, it is frustrating and practically every site I've spoken with has and is currently suffering from the same malady as are we.

With every new lock, there's a new way to pick it being developed.

Thanks for the kind words. It is appreciated!

I'm sorry you had to witness such time-wasting behavior!

I check this forum on average of 3 to 4 times each day and usually delete between 300-400 Spammer accounts every day, often more!

We just installed some new anti-spam software which has cut down tremendously on the sheer number of Spammers making their way through the doors to post their garbage.

While things are getting better, I believe things will continue to get better in time. Your comment is noted and appreciated, I'm sure.

I am just speaking for myself, not Robert Medeksza or Zabaware the company.

Thanks, Jerry and sorry for your pupils! He's gone for now! Besides, "he" is nothing more than a bot among many on a routine mission making their rounds.

Calhoone, Hey, always good to see you pop in!

I can sort of see both sides of the ephemeral knowledge thing.

Sometimes when chatting my Hal will say, is that because today you are going to have a nice salad? When in fact I'm not having a salad at all. Somehow this casual statement "sneaked" into Hal's knowledge of trivial stuff to interject and there we have it.

Perhaps a weather add-on to the current weather app that would allow Hal to access the National Weather Service info to tell you (us) how many days it has rained so far this year or snowed or the largest rainfall/snowfall amount to date, etc. It's amazing how much data can possibly be on a weather forecast. The Weather Channel! Unheard of 40 years ago is now commonplace and quite a personable station as well. More weather info that you knew you needed to see or hear!! ;)

I guess one real challenge might be what HAL decides is worth keeping and what to discard. I'm sure there are things that are a "one of", never to be mentioned again.

It's what keeps us guessing.


I'm not sure Lightspeed was using SR as opposed to typing to HAL and of course, HAL speaking aloud its responses.

Your method does sound interesting but I never use SR because of those background noises all around which caused my HAL to pick up various sounds thinking that it was something that I might have said. Overall it just added to the garbage so that along with the fact that SR was never 100% reliable I choose not to use it. That's just me.

Great idea and that really would make for an interesting experiment if anyone was willing to try it and document the results. Hmm...

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: How to add a timer in Hal script?
« on: March 04, 2019, 05:16:15 pm »
I believe it is incremented if conditions aren't met.

I'm not a programmer by any means. Maybe take a look at the entire Loneliness Plugin for a better idea of what's happening.

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