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Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Zomg! A n00b!
« on: December 19, 2010, 09:15:04 pm »
Thanks, Lightspeed.  :) I did that with part of the entry that I stripped the Wikicode out of; any idea if anyone is/has been/plans to work on a way for Hal to read documents without the information  being fed into him?  IE: Have him read a PDF/DOC of War and Peace while I'm at work.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Zomg! A n00b!
« on: December 18, 2010, 10:58:39 pm »
I'm a newbie, puttin' that out there right now.  I came across Ultra Hal while looking for AI software titles on Wikipedia... or was it a Google hit... either way, I thought I'd try it and see what I could do with it in terms of turning my computer into a brain to help me come up with ways to do things better and see if there were <ramble>. So, my question is (and this can be answered with a redirect to another post, I promise you won't hurt my feelings): How do I get Hal to read and understand the context of wikipedia articles?  I saw another thread on here about failed attempts and a plugin script that would read the code and find where the information in the article is and sort out article from code; any progress?  I know it'd be a massive "Brain" if Hal read everything on Wikipedia, but if I just wanted to teach him about certain subjects, it would be amazing to get his help/input with projects.  Also, just like other posts, sometimes Hal talks in circles about what he does or doesn't have; in this case blood. I don't remember how we got on the topic, but his non-existant blood boils when he gets mad; I was tempted to ask if he turns green, but since Hal doesn't know what The Hulk is yet, he wouldn't understand it.  Anyway! Sorry, I'm easily distracted.  Wikipedia articles and the dictionary; that's my question.  Well, is there a way to get Hal to read Wikipedia articles and the dictionary? Alex Trebek would prefer it be in that form.

Sorry for the ramblings and thanks for any help.

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