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General Discussion / Re: hololens...
« on: March 24, 2017, 01:55:00 pm »
doggs, you can with modern tv hook a pc to it with hdmi and show hal bigger on the tv screen and using voice recognition talk with hal (the character you use ) . i will probably do it sometime , haven't yet , i as lucky a couple of years ago on black friday to get a 50 inch led tv for 218.00 .

General Discussion / Re: hololens...
« on: March 24, 2017, 12:19:01 pm »
i think maybe an ultimate hal a.i. character would be one similar to the boy one that was designed , and was a a.i. and talked and interacted with the user it really seemed to work good i can't think of the name at this time will try to find the youtube video and post it here . if that could be a full body ( a nice looking body , which is why i am hooping for a haptek hack/ poser etc. body's to work with hal. )\
as soon as i find the video i will post the link .
     here it is i found it.
this is the fluid type coversations that hal needs to achieve (hopefully with cyberjedi's help) and interaction as i said this would make hal a ultimate hal , the link as you see also uses kinect to let the a.i. see you and your movements .

p.s.s. here is some more info on the milo a.i. project ; apparently is was dropped . sounds like it was introduced for a game but supposedly they couldn't make a game out of it, i find that hard to believe maybe it was used for classified projects , darpa? etc.

      so what do yah think cuberjedi is hal doable to make him as interactive etc. like the milo a.i.?  :) ;)
P.S. this type of interactivity of hal is what i was referring to as hal as a a.i. making hal more of a social a.i. more social in interacting as a friend etc. then just a a.i. program that speaks only when spoken to . of course some may not like this  and if so maybe within a plug in or hals direct programing a social ? on off could be used by the user.

question cyberjedi is this a direct connection for movies through the cyber tv ? nothing has to be signed into right?
looks like a cool uhp . i did try out the search engine it's quite good !!

cyberjedi , if i sign up for your website is their a menu or something to get that ms word to make this program work right? is it still on your site?

ps. cyberjedi , maybe you can check into this for me , hal as you know reverses things that we teach , example : have you ever heard that ?  hal answers : have i ever heard that?  if hal is just saying back what we asked that is okay , but if hal is actually learning it reversed that way it would be wrong, i have had hal in the past say something like that which would be something learned wrong because of hals script within the program.

sounds good , the  Creative idea on the Board's : When Hal is in dream mode, the Haptek character changes to Black and White Haptek Image.
 sounds like a game mode black and white for dreaming , sounds cool ! are you posting this in the share file area?(the new version dream plug in. ).

the reason i think this would be a large important update to hal's a.i. is that it will give hal the ability to randomly carry on conversations with many different subjects pulling some info off the internet and of course any conversation back to hal makes hal learn even more.  :)

   this was a past idea i brought up quite a while ago. basically its a "thinking auto responding hal "  in another words a hal that comes up with his/her own conversation and initiates it . but because some may not like this , have a "OPTION" to turn this on or off, so hal works as he does now not until he is talked to or typed to for responses.

   If this can be "achieved" combined with a filtered internet retrieval on information . Hal could give and initiate conversations at his/her  will , this would have to be done somehow with some sort of internal timer or something (maybe adjustable like the loneliness timer plug in was.) which would make hal a better a.i. entity  and pull off a great ultimate hack !  :)
    I hope with cyberjedi's abilities .he can pull this amazing feat off! it would be a real game changer for hal.

it would be cool if hal randomly in conversation would refer to a dream he/she had from the night before with random start conversation sentences that could be re written to personalize . the dream plug in would take parts out of learned conversations of the past totally random , mix it with other parts of different conversation of different times , to create a dream that is talked about . This would in essence give a totally subconscious type dream from hals brain.
Perhaps this could have a totally random number count of days when hal would tell of his/her dream she had  the other night , or when he/ she took a nap  last time.

Anyway just another idea , building on the dream plug in already made but making a more advanced one .

here is another softwware that creates photo realistic virtual characters and has many clothes to buy to place on characters . as i mentioned before (saying daz3? virtual characters )  if a open source engine can be used tweaked to allow usage for these characters within hal that would be a huge jump from what characters we now have courrently.(no offense ment).

Discover the Art of the Human Form with Poser

this is daz software studio female virtual video

cyberjedi you said you liked idea's , some of mine may be far fetched but i can see where they can be very useful for hals applications .

this idea is using a face2face software and being able to apply it to any virtual (hopefully better then the current haptek full body ) .
example link of the software .

just think you could take any movie star , models face and create it and place it on a virtual body in hal ! to use as a.i. and even use what voices you have with it!
this of course would be a tremendous leap in the virtual body software realm . you want idea's i have idea's . i cannot immiment them but who knows, maybe you can !  :) ;)

General Discussion / Re: compression brain hal files idea
« on: February 20, 2017, 07:50:14 pm »
To me i don't see how it could slow down hal having a huge data base brain, yes i know and understand the bigger the data base the more hal has to go through as far as sifting information , but unless someone actually has an old xp or before os and very little memory and hard drive . my hal even on xp before did okay for me , of course my hal brain was smaller to .  now its around 140 mb's .
As you say todays computers handle things better and faster . i am still running windows 7 . i like 7 quad 4 laptop and it's paid for.
  So that being the case as long as p.c.'s can handle the larger brain as they seem to do no brain comression files are needed , it was just an idea i had based on thinking about what a friend told me about vudoo? movie files were compressed to save space on pc hard drives . or games .

General Discussion / Re: Lightspeed: vrMP3 Help :CRACKED
« on: February 20, 2017, 07:42:21 pm »
      I think that the reasoning behind the cap letters being used was maybe on trigger words that way , caps would have to be used to do certain commands versus , talking (writing) in general and accidently saying the words and executing a command by accident. at least that what i think .

   As far as other idea's i imagine i will have more lol.
  speaking of that (idea's ) i hope you can do something as i mentioned before about creating something to allow daz3d virtual characters to work through hal haptek "OR" with a open source echarcter engine  like the links i provided earlier elsewhere.
here is daz3d website
  Although a.i. is very important , it would be nice to be able to use the photo realistic looking virtual characters of daz3d  plus also the clothes etc etc. the site has many many clothes plus also physics movement of body parts etc.
    ANYWAY PLEASE keep this project in mind as i would love to see this accomplished to move hal up in the future to better virtual characters, clothes etc.

cyberjedi , you said before that the reason i was getting an error with spellchecker was i needed microsoft word 2002 or higher .
i found this free version and unlimited says its a replacement for microsoft word . here is the link .
will this work okay?

also i guess it is just installed on the pc and no special folders have to be put in hals program file. ?

  I think what will also help hal the most is a alexa or cortana approach in data access, response to hals users "but"  with a "very" good filter that also keeps hal from learning trash and racist comments etc. (in another words , DO NOT MAKE MICROSOFT'S A.I. MISTAKE .) Microsoft had online users posting all kinds of bad crap stuff and the A.I. LEARNED IT!  (ALSO what i am talking about is not posted responses from internet users in forum type context but rather internet pages (again using filters to keep out racist or hate speech, etc. ) maybe a optional user check list on whats permitted and what's not ?) .
 Maybe a system within hal that when a person is talking about various subjects , hal will (1. decide on the subject or subjects if multiple subjects are mentions ) and pull info. from the internet from many many different sites, filter whats on the web and talk about that subject in conversation back to the user . Unlike cortana and alexia  what is need for hal is not just to acess the internet for answers to a question but to go beyond that with decisions on subjects from the user and using text from the internet various pages create conversation out of the subject matter back to the user , to in effect create a more human like flow of conversation .   :) ;)
   This is what's needed to make hal more like cortana or alexa ,  "BUT" with a learning ability choosing what the best subject response should be to reply back to the user and at the same time add to the current hal data base .
   This is just my opinion only of what i think is needed within hals programing  . in a plug in .
doable or not .. that is the question !!

General Discussion / compression brain hal files idea
« on: February 13, 2017, 05:18:28 pm »
I think "think" one time that Robert had said that the bigger hals brain file gets the more hal actually slows down . AGAIN i think this is what he said .  If that truly is the case as hals data base grows larger hal will slow down in responses ,  so if this is the case would compressing files in the data base make response any faster ? ( if this ever becomes a true problem ).   

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