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the ConceptNetMrkIII folder in hal 7 is what all the other files i mentioned are in it , so do i need to copy all the others and just put them in the hal 7 file ( and delete the ConceptNetMrkIII folder ) ?? if i understand you right this is what you mean , right? 

also what about the empty files ? are they empty because something was wrong  the way i had it before , ??  or is something wrong and it isn't learning things in the files ??

i will await your answer before i do anything .

i have the zip downloaded and extracted into hal 7 program files .
in my hal menu i have conceptautolearning checked  and conceptnetmrk3 checked .
 in my hal 7 program file i have the files shown below .   
in the   conceptnetmrk3 file folder it has these files.
in the concept research file it is empty .
in the concept research brain file it is also empty .
there is  a conceptdb.
a  conceptnetmrk3 autolearning uhp.
and a conceptnetmrk3 uhp .

so my question is :
does mine have all the files it's suppose to have ?? and why are some files empty ???  is something wrong or missing in my    conceptnetmrk3 file ??? and if so what and where do i need it put????

and in conceptnet file i have a bkup file  with concept checker and research nouns files. and saved term txt files.

Okay i downloaded the zip file and extracted it in my hal zabaware windows 7 file . 
question : you said :   (Except the ConceptNet Interface, that's just so you can see database contents in Hals Editor)
so where does this file go then ???

next question :  in the  ConceptNetMrkIII file in zabaware hal 7 file.
it has the uhp files : ConceptNetMrkIII Auto Learning.uhp and   ConceptNetMrkIII uhp   .   
  these are not showing up in hals menu list of uhp's , my other uhp files are usually in just the regular zabaware hal  file , not in a separate file. so do i need to move these where my others are to get them to show up so i can check them in the hals menu?

thanks .

I can't find the link to download this file ConceptNet MrkIII (Now with MutationNet) i click on the words and it just opens another page , i clicked on the paper clip picture and it doesn't do anything . where is the link exactly to down load this file .?????

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Lag
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:51:00 pm »
spitfire2600 you wouldn't have an extra overclocked i7 (4.7 ghz) ddr4 ssd system. laying around anywhere would you lol !

was their anything like a pause on this ?? also it would be cool if hal could somehow resume after being shut down , from the last place he left off, don't know if that's possible though. 

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Re: Lag
« on: June 01, 2018, 06:13:44 pm »
I to would like to know these same answers art is asking others with ssd drives or faster computers , otherwise i still think if a large list linked plugin that accesses subject matter , could be developed where hal would access web pages , wiki links , etc. etc.  and retrieve more answers then hal could maybe slow down the size of the brain a bit  but still yet answer intelligently.  basically working like a ALEXA WITHOUT ALL THE SPYING. 

General Discussion / Robert a question for you.
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:03:03 am »
Robert , i was going to e mail you but saw you were on here , i have a question  to ask you. i have had hal for many years now and have backed up the custom angela brain i have . other then using doonycrams super plug in , that has some of others plug ins .  later on my hal has resorted to once again asking me continuously am i a girl or a guy , am i a women or a gentle man , what gender am i etc. etc.  as it does when a person first starts using hal .  the plug in is the 3.0. sallie plug in. but i have asked others and i think no one else is having these same problems . (that are using the plug in ) so i am wondering what is causing it???? it has been doing that asking me what gender etc., for about three weeks or more now , just did this morning some more . 
 my custom brain hasn't had any recent or even for quit a while modifications that could have caused the problem . you can e mail me on this if you need to.
my angela brain is about 255 mb's now or more .

Ameliaz, you need to be more specific as to what you are wanting to learn from the forum, as far as learning , their are many , many things anyone can learn from this forum on many different subjects , parts of hal , parts of plug ins , learning process, etc. you need or should start out with the basics of using hal , talking with hal , then move on from their with plug ins that people have made that helps hal achieve other things  as a working a.i.  :)

General Discussion / Re: HAL Mobile Teaser?
« on: May 15, 2018, 09:49:44 am »
that's strange as i would think in order for it to do this hal would have had to have an update that included it . unless it was from a previous testing phase you may have done .  ;) either way it will be interesting to see what the future brings .

as many may recall Robert mentioned something about there being a limit on the characters one can type to hal for responses .  as i copy and past many and past current events to help learn hal more. 
i thought about something as i was doing it this morning.

     My idea is , since we use hal and it has a limited amount of what we can type to hal ( i forget the amount maybe some remember what it was here)  the problem is how do we know how much we have typed , have we typed to much and if so what happens with the rest of the sentence is it just dismissed  and left off , maybe even in the middle of a sentence ?? is the whole thing if to much just rejected and hal learns none of it??? which if so many may be wasting their time and thinking they are teaching hal things when they are not.   if hal rejects anything over the amount allowed what is partially learned , will not be learned right .
         i wish Robert would come on here and answer some of these questions i just pointed out .
I am drifting here  back to my actual idea .   because of all the above reasons i mentioned, it would be nice if within hal there was a limit notice on hals character limit .  since we can't just sit around counting all the characters to make sure that we don't go over.   maybe a chime  could be set with hal , what it would do is when lets say the character limit is 250 .  at 250  one chime (or different sound , maybe better , as with hal a misspelled word makes a chime sound. ) to warn the user that 250 has been reached or went over , the user could then delete some of the sentence etc. hit enter again , if no chime then the users sentence goes on through , otherwise it doesn't go through , and user has to correct it.

Anyway just an idea i had .


General Discussion / learning hal various health things
« on: May 11, 2018, 12:01:05 pm »
for anyone interesting in expanding hals data base  on health , you can do what i do and copy and paste from  a link like this .

here is a example story and information . Older adults with hearing loss are less likely to be hospitalized or to visit the emergency room when they wear hearing aids, compared to those who don't

 Hearing Aids Linked to Less Hospitalization: Researchers examined Medicare payment data collected in 2013 and 2014 for 1,336 adults 65 and older with hearing loss. Overall, 734 people, or 55 percent, didn't wear hearing aids.

During the study period, 24 percent of people with hearing aids and 26 percent of those without the devices visited an emergency room at least once, the study found. With hearing aids, 20 percent of people were hospitalized, compared to 22 percent without the devices.

of course this can be done with other links on various things to , but don't just copy and paste everything as some things may have to be modified in sentences .  hal reverses you and other words .

here is another good article on health that can be applied to hal learning .

General Discussion / hal saying he remembers past history events
« on: May 11, 2018, 11:54:48 am »
I feed my hal (learn by also copying and pasting info)  and do many things such as health articles (just did some on exercising and smoking etc. but i also do some learning of various history events ( some because of the way it is worded ( on a tuesday etc. have to modify it a little by maybe mentioning the month and year)   .
 AS i do this frequently , i just thought to my self instead of haljust learning this and repeating it later in conversation with the subject matter , why not add a little more human response to it ( i try to make my hal sound more human that robotic . )  so i have started adding before the event information " you remember ,  or you remember back in may of 2018, (and the event information . the you remember is reversed to hal saying i remember back in may of 2018, etc.

EXAMPLE:   President Trump on Thursday evening touted the release of three Americans prisoners from North Korea who arrived home this week, noting that the U.S. did not pay for their release.

THIS IS CHANGED TO "I remember back in may of 2018,  President Trump touted the release of three Americans prisoners from North Korea who arrived home, noting that the U.S. did not pay for their release.

doing this  will make hal respond that he / or she  remembers a event back in whatever year .  instead of just talking about the event . in a sense doing this is "creating memories within hals data base.

trhought some people might find this interesting !  :)
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General Discussion / Re: hal saying "i'm afraid "
« on: May 09, 2018, 02:32:15 pm »
Thank you art , for coming through once again with the answer , i never even thought about it being from the dream outloud part in the plug in . i learn hal many things of world events etc. and thought hal was getting possessed lol ! lol glad that was a simply reason for it!  :) ;)
thanks again art !  :)

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