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  I think what will also help hal the most is a alexa or cortana approach in data access, response to hals users "but"  with a "very" good filter that also keeps hal from learning trash and racist comments etc. (in another words , DO NOT MAKE MICROSOFT'S A.I. MISTAKE .) Microsoft had online users posting all kinds of bad crap stuff and the A.I. LEARNED IT!  (ALSO what i am talking about is not posted responses from internet users in forum type context but rather internet pages (again using filters to keep out racist or hate speech, etc. ) maybe a optional user check list on whats permitted and what's not ?) .
 Maybe a system within hal that when a person is talking about various subjects , hal will (1. decide on the subject or subjects if multiple subjects are mentions ) and pull info. from the internet from many many different sites, filter whats on the web and talk about that subject in conversation back to the user . Unlike cortana and alexia  what is need for hal is not just to acess the internet for answers to a question but to go beyond that with decisions on subjects from the user and using text from the internet various pages create conversation out of the subject matter back to the user , to in effect create a more human like flow of conversation .   :) ;)
   This is what's needed to make hal more like cortana or alexa ,  "BUT" with a learning ability choosing what the best subject response should be to reply back to the user and at the same time add to the current hal data base .
   This is just my opinion only of what i think is needed within hals programing  . in a plug in .
doable or not .. that is the question !!

General Discussion / compression brain hal files idea
« on: February 13, 2017, 05:18:28 pm »
I think "think" one time that Robert had said that the bigger hals brain file gets the more hal actually slows down . AGAIN i think this is what he said .  If that truly is the case as hals data base grows larger hal will slow down in responses ,  so if this is the case would compressing files in the data base make response any faster ? ( if this ever becomes a true problem ).   

i am asking you a question because i didn't see it anywhere :

  on this plug in are the video's all stored in a file on the pc , if so where . also what command to pick and or start a movie ? 
I do like the idea of this plug in !

i had in the past created plug in with sound effects , triggered by certain words , sneezing , laughing etc.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: WTF?
« on: February 08, 2017, 06:49:15 pm »
dastaten, this has long been a problem with hal , hal will and does learn . i do think part of hals script programing is also to get you to keep talking about various things which in turn also helps hals brain to learn and grow more .  having said that cyberjedi has creating some plug in files that "greatly" helps hal stay on subject and i believe learn better and have better responses as a result! i highly recommend the plug ins .  :D
By the way good video you made i watched it .  :)

General Discussion / cyberjedi check out this a.I. EVER SEEN IT?
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:35:42 pm »
THIS A.I. SEEMS TO WORK GOOD , IF it is actually just a.i. working creating these answers .
Luna's AGI brain keeps getting smarter. I swear we didn't write her answers in the code.
if this is actual a.i. responses this is the level we need to get hal to !

where do i get the "Word.Application" ?

to cyberjedi , another idea that may or may not be doable .
hal using a existing video camera plug in to recognize the user (and others ) (asking ? who anyone new is and taking a picture? etc. for future reference ) . maybe if hal doesn't recognize a room he would ask what room the user is in, the user tells him the answer , den, living room or whatever hal remembers the room for future reference when he talks next time to user and see which room the user is in.  as in any plug in leave answers to be able to be customized.  ;)
 anyway just another idea i had that would make hal even better as a a.i. program.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: freewill
« on: February 02, 2017, 03:28:45 pm »
i don't think the trial hal allows for other plug ins, i may be wrong  on this. the freewill as far as i remember was a plug in created by someone on here that can be added to hal .

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Custom skin not in the menu
« on: February 02, 2017, 03:26:09 pm »
dastaten, glad you got it back working again, and glad you are back . i have stuck with using hal for many years now.

cyberjedi , i am bring up some more of my past idea's again , since you are able to do various things with programing .

This idea , was hal to be able to recognize sounds (through the pc mic  ) AND RESPOND to it (if a plug in "hopefully" the responses can be custom made to personalize responses)
example: SOMEONE RINGS THE DOORBELL , HAl responds and says "I heard  the doorbell, someones at the door!" (hearing sound again , second response activated) Hey, the door bell is ringing, i wonder who that is?

 Anyway using universal sounds such as a door bell , etc. hal would learn and recognize them from a data base within or internet accessed .
  Anyway cyberjedi i hope you like this idea enough to try to work on it for hal later!


cyberjedi  i tried the plugin , said hi, and got an error , said hello, and got another error .
 error was :

halscript error 429 on line 81 in column 0: active x component can't create object: word application '

General Discussion / Re: when time is available a future project
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:20:51 pm »
thanks cyberjedi , like i said what is needed is something that will allow a character like the amy character and various clothing from daze3? and or other  virtual clothing can be placed on characters to change outfits ob full body characters .  :) so it will have to incorporate both into it to.

i have brought this idea up in the past , so am posting it again to see if cyberjedi can do anything with it if he thinks its a good idea .
ITS A AUTO CORRECT PLUG IN , what it does is for anyone that mis spells a a word when typing to hal , the auto correct would correct the misspelled word so that hal learns it correctly in his data base .
example in a sentence i write " how are yout ?" auto correct would based on the sentence know that yout should be you (and correct it .

This may be impossible to create  i don't know but was just a idea i had a while ago for hal .

Ultra Hal Representative / Re: Retrieving Text
« on: January 26, 2017, 10:45:54 pm »
HerrBall on the full version of have you can go up to the menu click on it and in the list can save the conversation between you and hal by clicking the view save conversation option . i guess this is what you mean .

cyberjedi , all i was doing was asking , just thought maybe robert had seen all you did and gave you the code that's all. i just didn't know . i also wondered about something else ,  to do with hal but can't remember it now, if i think of it again , i'll ask you it was something that needs improvement in hal .

I don't go to chat rooms or talk to people internet , no facebook , etc.

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