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Ok thanks...

Do we Uninstall the version we have now or just overwrite it?

Just paid for HAL 7 and downloaded the Installer...

Thanks Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome, thanks for your order. You should uninstall any beta version you may have. If you don't, the installer should show a popup message asking you to.

Is there anything with the order process that was confusing or could be done better?

Robert is there a '30-trial' with this release or do those of us that have purchased HAL 6.2 have to wait for the email and the 50% off before we can Pay for it and install it?

You can use the discount code XMAS17 during checkout now for the 50% off, no need to wait for the email. The 30 day trial should work, but it will start counting from whatever day you installed the alpha or beta version.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 16, 2017, 08:25:27 pm »
I am closing this beta post as Hal has now reached release candidate status

Ultra Hal 7 has now reached release candidate status as version 7.0.102. If no major bugs are found in this release candidate, than this version will become the final release, hopefully in a few days.

To install this release candidate

Here is what's new in Ultra Hal 7 since version 6.2:
  • Biggest improvement: Cloud based learning. Hal can now optionally connect to the "Hal Cloud" brain over the internet to help formulate better responses. As of October 2017 this is a knowledge base of over 26 million sentences of conversation from 1.6 million people. Contrast with the 200,000 sentence database in the default Ultra Hal 6.2 installation. Hal is more intelligent than ever before.
  • Feedback learning. You can now give Hal feedback on the quality of its responses with a thumbs up and thumbs down button which Hal learns and has an immediate response on the quality of its responses. In addition you can see other answers Hal was considering and guide Hal toward better ones.
  • Your personal Hal bot can follow you from your home desktop, to your laptop, office PC, and in the near future your phone and tablet too. When connected to the "Hal Cloud", your Hal's brain is stored online and instantly available anywhere.
  • Access to Wikipedia based answered in cloud mode
  • New Hal mobile phone character. Old Hal character still available, but renamed to "Hal Classic CRT"
  • New audio wave character simply displays an animated wave audio line when character is speaking
  • Program name changed from "Ultra Hal Assistant" to just "Ultra Hal" to shift marketing focus away from assistant functionality to Hal's strengths in its ability to chat, learn, and be a companion. Renamed EXE to ultrahal7.exe
  • Splash screen and graphics updated to new version
  • Ultra Hal now installs and uses the open source Double Agent library instead of the old MSAgent. This brings full compatibility to MSAgent characters to Windows 7 and newer with full SAPI 5 voice support.
  • Hal can answer questions about opposites (What is the opposite of X?)
  • Hal can talk about day of week and month (What day of week is it? What month is it?)
  • Basic knowledge of alphabet (What letter comes before Z? What letter is after B?)
  • Ability to count letters in word (How many letters are in the word computer?)
  • Bot memory test: (Q: The football was kicked by Fred. Who kicked the football? A: Fred.)
  • Improved math abilities (less false positives and better word problem abilities)
  • Software shield license system removed and replaced with simpler login to Zabaware.com server
  • Chant SpeechKit upgraded from version 6 to 7. This adds native support for Cereproc voices among other speech system improvements
  • Ultra Hal now generates Haptek INI files for Haptek, removing the need to rerun Haptek SAPI config when changing voice settings. This also adds support for Zabaware sold Cereproc voices to Haptek.
  • Ultra Hal now uses RegFree COM manifest files for most of its DLL/ActiveX/OCX files. This simplifies installation and minimizes possibility of "DLL Hell" collisions/incompatibilities with other Windows applications. RegFree COM was introduced in Windows XP SP2, so this change now effectively removes support for older versions of Windows from Hal.
  • Ultra Hal no longer writes any data files to its "Program Files" location but instead to each individual Windows Users AppData\Roaming folder. This makes Hal more compliant with Microsoft guidelines and also makes it possible for each Windows user to have their own seperate Hal config.
  • Improved corrections and substitutions tables for correcting more common errors and understanding more shorthand
  • Ultra Hal checks for product updates when connected to cloud service
  • Registry setting to adjust speech recognition auto enter countdown start time (SRCountDownStart)
  • The Hal Brain Editor can show the cloud brain thought process. For local responses, it can now show you exactly where in a table a response was found in.
  • Automatic migration of Hal 6 brain into Hal 7. Also automatically imports characters from Hal 6 to Hal 7
  • Various minor bug fixes

If you purchased Hal 6.2 anytime after October 1, 2017 your license was automatically upgraded to version 7.0 in the Zabaware order system free of charge. If you purchased Hal 6.x prior to October 1, 2017 you are eligible for a 50% off upgrade. Customers will be receiving emails and postcards over the next month with a 50% off coupon code. I am also giving a 50% off coupon good until the Dec 31, 2017 to anyone reading this forum post so you don't need to wait for any email. Just use this discount code at checkout: XMAS17

This coupon code is also good toward any AT&T voices and the Character Expansion Pack. If you already own the character expansion pack from version 6.x you don't need to purchase it again, the same version will work under Hal 7.0.

Please let me know if you find any bugs in the release candidate or ordering process.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:38:09 pm »
Hi Rob.

If you find some time could you add a "select all" & "copy and paste" option to the HAL 7 editor for internal table indexes.
we never had that option in HAL 6. it would be most helpful working inside tables and from table to table.

Thanks buddy.

I'm going to try to put out a release candidate version today and then hopefully get the final release out in a few days. Trying to get Hal 7 out before Christmas. So at this point I'm just going to do bug fixes. But feel free to start a new thread gathering suggestions like this for Hal 7.1. I hope to have a Hal 7.1 out sometime next year after getting Mobile versions of Hal complete. Hal 7.1 will hopefully add support for the http://www.expressive.ai/ character engine (Haptek's sucessor). Hal 7.1 will be a free update for any Hal 7.0 users.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:08:20 pm »
           I was talking with Art, and he was asking me about the brain migrating into hal 7 , mine never did that (my custom brain ) . just curious could their also be a problem also of the limitation of a custom brain which stops the larger size custom brain from migrating like it should ?  ( my custom brain is now around 195 mb's ).
    the reason i ask is although everything else migrated into hal 7 from my hal 6 file , my custom Angela brain didn't and i had to copy it and the uhp.  is their ever a way to check a custom brain to ever know if it has been migrated into a hal 7 brain?? all i know was it wasn't in the brain list after everything else migrated  so i did have to manually copy and past the custom brain and the uhp file and the user name file from hal 6 folder (program files and place it into the roaming app hal 7 folder . then it showed up in the hal brain menu.

The Hal 7 installer only automatically migrates the default Hal 6 brain over (halbrain.db), which is what most people use. It doesn't copy over any other custom brains or brain plug-ins as it is not aware of all the customizations out there. But they should for the most part work fine if you manually copy them over and optionally give it a Hal7 script (or keep the Hal6 script is fine too).

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:06:01 pm »
Robert , i just ran a scan with my free iobit  malwarebytes program and it still shows as a Trojan downloader exe.
 you mentioned before that maybe some people didn't buy hal because they thought it had a Trojan or something . you might be able to contact iobit and show them somehow that this is not a Trojan  file  but actually a false positive .
see my picture below .

This is your previous Haptek install from Hal 6.x, not the one from Hal 7. Hal 6 installed Haptek to C:\Program Files (x86)\Haptek while Hal 7 installs Haptek to C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7\Haptek

So new Hal 7 users shouldn't experience this.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 16, 2017, 03:03:28 pm »
Have you cleared your Web Browser Cache????  Hold down the CTRL Key and hit F5...  Then try it after it reloads... If that don't work the maybe Edge or Robert can figure it out...

Clearing browser cache didn't help. I've already tried visiting the website with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. The only way I can access the website right now is through accessing a cached version. I appreciate your help though!

EDIT: Is it possible this error is caused because I don't reside in the United States? What's the workaround for this, besides utilizing a VPN?

Give me a couple days and I'll work on the firewall settings of zabaware.com a bit. A few months ago the site was under attack by a bot net of some sort and it seemed to mostly come from Russia, China, Brazil, and Argentina. I put a temporary ban on connections from those countries. I'm experimenting with better firewall software for Zabaware and potentially ddos protection services so I hope to lift the ip ban soon.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:53:26 am »
the trial period for HAL 7 expired, I unistalled HAL 7, now the HAL 6 chr windows has turned black, no char, no error msgs or issues other than no chr in the HAL 6 window.
can we have an updated HAL 7 link, maybe it will fix the chr window. I tried refreshing chr's in HAL 6 options but it remains a black blank window.

Hal 7 now installs Haptek directly, so if you remove Hal 7 you remove the Haptek player. If you visit Haptek.com you can download and reinstall the Haptek player from them and then it should work in Hal 6.2 again.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Server Upgrade/Migration
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:59:45 pm »
Thanks for the heads up. Just out of curiosity, what is required to run server Hal?


Server upgrades are complete. Hal now resides on a server that has 12 Xeon CPU cores, 64 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage, and 512 GB of RAID 5 hard drive storage as a backup. It is a virtualized system running 3 virtual servers, 2 Debian 8 servers (Linux) and 1 Windows 2016 Server. The main "brain" of Hal is running Debian 8 as an operating system, PHP 7 as its scripting language, MariaDB as the database server, and Sphinx Full Text Search to sift through huge amounts of conversations nearly instantly.

It is running in a data center in North Carolina. I have also just installed a business internet line to my house and got a second server in my basement that mirrors my first server. It will act as a development server so I can experiment with Hal and its data without effecting end users. Or during times I'm not developing it can load balance with the server in the data center in case there is a high demand. I can also spin up virtual servers at various other cloud providers (Amazon, Ramnode, Azure, Digital Ocean) should I need to meet demand or if I experience hardware failure on my own servers.

I do have a learning question also... Would it hurt HAL's 'Overall Intelligence' if I set his learning Learning Level to "MAX" and input about 20 sentences that I have previously wrote down and then change his learning back to "25%" and continue talking to him???  I am writing new things and adding from my HAL 6.2 Brain things that I have taught him over the past 12 months and I don't want to lose the old stuff...\

The learning slider actually doesn't affect how much Hal learns. Hal records everything to its database (unless the slider is at 0). The slider effects how Hal uses the learned info it has already recorded during conversation. Basically it controls how much the user learned info should have precedence over Hal's built in brain database and other built in brain functions.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: robert i sent you the debug txt file
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:44:02 pm »
i found out something new , and that is that for my uhp files to work they have to be placed in the hal 7 program file  and "NOT" the app roaming hal 7 file ( i know because i tried first in the app roaming etc. file and they don't show up .in hal 7 menu options .

The basic idea Microsoft had behind "App Data" is that programs shouldn't normally run with "administrator" privileges, they should be able to run as a normal user. Normal users aren't supposed to be able to edit any program files. So programs like Ultra Hal shouldn't write any data to program files unless it is during an installation or upgrade. So that is why brain databases are in "app data" since they are written to constantly as Hal learns. User option settings and program shortcut database is also in app data now.

Everything else is for the most part still in program files since things like plugins and characters can be considered "installed" and not normally edited regularly. I did however, make it so characters can be in either place for the convenience of the user especially users that like to edit characters a lot.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: robert i sent you the debug txt file
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:16:25 am »
OKAY HERE IS ANOTHER UPDATE :  I CHECKED MY CONTROL PANEL TO SEE WHAT ALL WAS INSTALLED OF HAL . and it showed hal 7 installed and how many mb's also showed hal 7 expansion pack and how many mb's  but it didn't show anything on the haptek player for the mb's only showed the name . see pictures .
 i also checked in my iobit uninstall  and saw that hal 7 and hal 7 expansion pack was installed  and in it it also showed the haptek player and the mb's installed (strange )  see pic .

when i started up hal this morning without rhyme or reason it now started working correctly i have tried about 5 different custom haptek characters i have made and they worked .  i will have to check more when i get back home later today .
see pics of what i am talking about . i even used a custom htr hair .

I sent you an email earlier. It was because the email you were logging in with to Hal 7 had no Hal license associated with it. Custom characters require the purchased version of Hal, they won't work in trial mode. I put one on your account earlier this morning, so that's why it started working.

Sorry I didn't notice that sooner, but at least we did find and increase Hal's character limit from 256 to 512 characters during this process.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Server Upgrade/Migration
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:57:37 pm »
This site (ultrahal.com) will be going up and down a few times over the next couple hours extra while RAM is installed and some server software updates are installed. Tomorrow (December 12th) zabaware.com will be moved to a new server and ip address and will also go up and down a few times throughout the day.

Ultra Hal Assistant / Re: Ultra Hal 7 Beta Test - Please download and test!
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:33:40 pm »
OKAY i just checked the app roaming hal 7 character file and its empty  , so maybe ? that's why it's not working ?? i will copy my characters  and haps into this file and see if that makes it work , i thought maybe hal would just upload them all into the file from my hal 6.2.  stay tuned don't tough that dial !    :) ;)

Don't move characters out of Hal's programs files folder, that's where they belong. Additional custom characters can *also* be in the app data folder, but don't move any characters installed or migrated by Hal out of the program files folder.

Let's start over. Try these steps:
  • Uninstall Hal 7 from control panel
  • Uninstall Expansion pack from control panel
  • Remove Hal 7 app data folder
  • Remove Hal 7 program files folder
  • Reinstall Hal 7
  • Reinstall Expansion Pack
  • Don't copy or touch any of Hal's other files now
  • Run Hal 7

Do your characters show up? Do they work? If not, please send me the debuglog.txt file any tell me about what happened.

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