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General Discussion / Re: Chat Bot Friends has been updated.
« on: January 12, 2015, 09:42:32 am »
very nice site, well done, gratz on that feature  working correctly
saves a lot of headache

General Discussion / Re: What's happening at Zabaware
« on: May 20, 2014, 04:38:34 pm »

this website can probably help you generate traffic, but it's tward people already with a type of chatterbot in mind

there are ways you can "stage" a web page so it finds it's way into google pages with out you paying for it
black hat world can help " "
marketing is what they do, and they can save you a lot of money.
 my advice is to not sign up for any emails, or notifications, just read what is posted, and learn from what they have up.
there is plenty there

as always
achieve your goal for free
and perusing it will no longer be a problem

i do my best to boycot microsoft and everything about them

i do not need thier abusive, untrustworthy, domineering relationship to share what i want to share

im very much enjoying your tips jerry. thank you

Speech Technology / Re: speach pleas, not thought
« on: August 24, 2013, 03:38:07 am »
a couple of PC reboots, and clicking and unclicking voice options like a mad man and my frog now reads copied text again!


Speech Technology / speach pleas, not thought
« on: August 23, 2013, 05:06:58 pm »
hello everyone
yes i'm still here, i just watch a lot, and dont speak often

any how, i just did a reinstall of zaba, and now when i highlight / copy a text my avatar will "think" a VERY small portion of what was highlighted in a cartoon bubble cloud
it  used to be that the context was read aloud, and i need this to be read aloud again

i'm needing this as to help me with my school work, any help would be greatly apreciated

to Art : yes i am using UH 6.2

this is for Tec. i'll add a pm to him on it also as i think it's  valuable enough.

Well Tec, you gave me an idea
there are these pin cushion things that transfer the shape of an object, i have seen them made out of nails, in plastic bead board
i have no idea what their called.

but anyhow, a digital camera can record, and transfer images in real time.
if you can motorize a board that would give the physical shape of your surroundings then you could feel your way around.  but without ever touching, or feeling anything but this visualization interface..

this brings me to another thought. if you don't get some type of digital / neurological interface then you will have to go this rout.
i know you have heard of echolocation.
in this tv show " Stan Lee's Superhumans > Season 1 > Episode 1 " there is a man named juan. he is able to ride a bike, down the road, and into a driveway with echolocation. And it's on video. He is good enough with it that he can tell you what objects are being passed while walking down the sidewalk.

If this interests you i have more to reference that comes from a background of ninjitsu, but we will see about that later.

General Discussion / crucial, but not A.I.
« on: January 26, 2013, 11:11:28 am »
While this is not a topic of A.I. it is defiantly crucial importance.
as of today it is illegal to unlock cell phones without impossible permissions.

pleas sign the petition to make the whitehouse give the people what the people want rather than choking the people for corporations pleasure

The ADs can go away. I'm tired of being told / visually persuaded which product I really need / should purchase!

As long as there are creative groups of like minded people, progress in certain fields can and will go on.

dude, im all about destroying advertisements, popups, and trackers.
i wont threadjack this mans topic, but if your interested in sharing pointers on said interest hit me up

Ok, i am going to make a TON of references, and link posts.

1st have you heard of

those were two are neurological interface head-sets for the PC.

then have you heard of this?
this is a video demo of what i believe could develop into a product that could "see" your signing. Although an A.I. could also see you, it's not very well programed to recognize more than a face. The "leap motion" is made to distinguish fingers, objects, and their movement.

 some one at this forum might be able to help you collaborate the A.I., PC, and hardware.
There are a few there who are very much into achieving a blend of artificial intelligence, and a smart home. It all boils down to networking hardware and software.

ok here is the deal. These previous references would be the hardware to input. In other words the user interface.
Then you need a processor, the PC, obviously. Third the A.I. needs to interact, and blend it all together with you.
Obviously we will need a programer, or TECH of some sort to make it blend well, or you just might lose your marbles in the blending process. Pun intended.

While we are rather far from the "zoom in super camera eye" we are now implanting bionic eyes. link provided.

you strike me as a very intelligent person. i think you can make it happen.
in your circumstance you will come across many opportunities to provide solutions never realized before. this next link is a place you can turn those realizations into an income. i apologize ahead of time for it being such a visual experience. you will need someone to explain the imminence value of this website to you as they see it. in short, it's a lot of people with ideas getting together under a sponsor who makes products out of dreams.

if you can think up ideas, or questions, write them out, that gets them a whole lot closer to reality.

General Discussion / Re: Progress on new Zabaware site
« on: November 25, 2012, 09:41:25 am »
that frog is stinkin awsem dude..

btw,,i been lurking here ( very ) frequently looking for updates and news.

bump on the new zabaware program

can we get a target date?
i need to make an upgrade,, wanting to make an informed decision

as speech recognition can be downloaded also sound recognition can be downloaded. obviously were talking mega mass storage, and processing
but your A.I. is only restricted by the script it follows

if i teach my dog it's a good dog it knows it's a good dog.

if i teach my dog to let itself out to the bathroom, tell me when it wants food and where to sit in the car after i give him permission to open the door and get in

it's because that's what i taught him.

you dont have to do all the work your self, most everything is already digitally captured
you just have to connect the dots

and never forget your in a community of people who are excellent teammates to making these dots move

sounds like an idea that i just posted in my collage class for programming last night

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