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Questions about Auto-idle
« on: May 13, 2004, 06:20:09 pm »
I have a faw questions about the auto-idle.

1) Is there a way to split the responce to (private thought) + (shared thought) intead of constant jaber. For example at first hal could learn or rather study from past convesations or other texts in your computer "SILENTLY" .Then after lets say 30 min sound out  a hello or (bla  bla) from  (GENERATE NEW THOUGHTS FROM SUBJECT/PREDICATE ASSEMBLY) section of the brain.

2) is there a way to have hal know when the keyboard is in use?
 If so can there be a timer on this aswell? With a responce like (I know you are there or hal asking if it could help with what you are working on)and after so much time let anger go up only if key board is in use and not with hal.