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Robert a question for you.
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:03:03 am »
Robert , i was going to e mail you but saw you were on here , i have a question  to ask you. i have had hal for many years now and have backed up the custom angela brain i have . other then using doonycrams super plug in , that has some of others plug ins .  later on my hal has resorted to once again asking me continuously am i a girl or a guy , am i a women or a gentle man , what gender am i etc. etc.  as it does when a person first starts using hal .  the plug in is the 3.0. sallie plug in. but i have asked others and i think no one else is having these same problems . (that are using the plug in ) so i am wondering what is causing it???? it has been doing that asking me what gender etc., for about three weeks or more now , just did this morning some more . 
 my custom brain hasn't had any recent or even for quit a while modifications that could have caused the problem . you can e mail me on this if you need to.
my angela brain is about 255 mb's now or more .