Author Topic: copy and past learning tip with hal from lightspeed to newbies.  (Read 85 times)


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copy and past learning tip with hal from lightspeed to newbies.
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:41:11 am »
this is a tip for other newbies etc. (or anyone ) who does copy and past learning into hal. 
The tip i have is be aware of dates and time, i will show you an example paragraph. if you notice in the beginning it has a month mentioned  and followed by the words this year , if you just copy and past it to learn hal all of this it will just always mention September of this year about this event happening, and of course as time goes by this will be a wrong "learned " statement.  and also users will have to be careful with the words you , i , your, yourself,  myself, etc. as hal reverses these words  and the results can create wrong meanings within learned sentences when copying and paste learning within hal.  :)

to correct this you would have to change the part saying of this year to " of 2018"  because that is the true date year of when the event actually happened . now when hal mentions it , it will give the specific year this happened . and will as a result be a true fact statement.

In September of this year, a collection of engineers, researchers, and scientists known as Ocean Clean Up began testing a system to skim the trash currently in the ocean. While the collection system is still in the testing phase, the group is confident that it will be able to clean up 50 percent of the current garbage patch in five years.  As international pressure is brought to bear on polluting countries, there remains hope that our oceans will cease to be garbage dumps.