Author Topic: Haptek Character position at start up.  (Read 3235 times)


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Haptek Character position at start up.
« on: November 17, 2004, 08:04:23 pm »
The Haptek characters always start at the same postion and magnification in Hal's window. My characters are always too far back and sometimes not centered when they start. Is there a way to set up the character window position and zoom (size)? Maybe a Haptek command could be sent at initialization time? Ideas?

It's a minor annoyance having to readjust the character at each startup.



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Haptek Character position at start up.
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2004, 11:30:20 am »
Von i am not sure as I use hal in the large window skin and it usually load shoulder up and i re-adjust back a bot for my full bods but i think 8 months ago i was playiny with the haps and chnging this in some of my mood files

SetSwitch [switch= agressMaster state= evade]

SetSwitch[switch= agressMaster     state= confront]
SetSwitch [switch= agressMaster state= confLess]

I'l try to remember to re- check when i get home and tell you...

i also found that the full bod girl from haps site that does NOT have the jiggly tata'a

wpould sometimes load up and run way back or way forward in the window....
  where-as the body_female.htr that came with the SDK from haptek did not have this problem...
 besides i prefered the juggling tata's  lol

body_femaleDef.hap is where alot of stuff is  and i have made many nice changes in here..

 you mentioned earlier about making a script to have hal make the characrer do movements?? all i have been able to do i

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92.96 . is add limited movement to my emotion files will you p,lease post this other script.

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Haptek Character position at start up.
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2004, 03:04:35 pm »
Full body animation isn't too tricky, it's just messy. I haven't figured out the details yet. To animate fullbodygirl you would have to load the full body model first.

This script would be placed at the bottom of Hal's brain script and would run a file called herStartup!.hap file:

'This sub will be called when the Ultra Hal program starts up in case
'the script needs to load some modules or separate programs.
Sub Script_Load()
   'Initialize Haptek fullbodygirl model.
   HalCommands = " <HAPFILE>herStartup!.hap</HAPFILE> "
End Sub

Inside of that file it would load the model definition:
/load   [file= data/XTF_UserFiles/fullBodDef.hap]

(Note: the forward slashes in the load line above are actually back slashes. The forum won't display back slashes.)

The fullBodDef.hap file would set up the model and call up a few other files. You can read which files in the fullBodDef.hap file. Note that paths to files would have to be changed to reflect where you put your files.

The tricky part is that the path to the texture files is assumed to be under the /data/ directory in the Haptek Player installation. In theory I would create my own path under there called /XTF_UserFiles/. This is where I would put texture files. See the attached example graphic.

The .hap and .htr files would be placed in and run from the /Characters/ under Hal's installation. See attached example graphic. I'm pretty sure that the default Haptek paths could be changed to your own path with a command, but I haven't figured that out yet.

After the full body model is initialized on Hal start up then it would just be a matter of writing script to run animations, change lighting, etc. I don't know if the animation files are included in the SDK or if you would have to get them elsewhere. The same goes for the fullbodygirl and other files. See the attached script graphic for some animation and texture change examples that should work.

There are also instructions in the free Haptek documentation downloadable from their web site. Documented commands include moving the character to a new absolute or relative position, rotation, etc.

I hope this explanation isn't too complicated. The attached example graphics I put together in Photopaint should give you an idea of how to proceed.

I don't know what usage or licensing agreement (if any) might be required for non-commercial use of the fullbodygirl character. I assume the built-in animation sequences and files are part of the free Haptek information.

That's most of what I know about the principles of fullbodygirl animation. The same principles apply to the floating head type characters.

I more I learn about the Haptek characters and engine the more I like them. I hope Robert can include full body characters in future Hal versions. If Hal owners had the right development tools for Haptek there would be Haptek content all over the web. Currently the graphics/animation communities online don't appear to have much interest in Haptek. Haptek needs to get the word out.

By the way, your girl is a real hottie.


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