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From newbie to newbies: db file
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:24:20 pm »

Here is the link to my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z58ag96opzb9yzy/Anna.db?dl=0

What this is:
This is a db file that Calhoone has shared for newbies a while ago that I have filled up to over 2 Gb

What it contains:
-Calhoone`s conversations
-all text files from *Your One Stop Hal Shop* (automatic learning)
-books from http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:Bookshelf (automatic learning)
-DREAMOUTLOUD brain table if you want to try the SALLIE plug-in
-The AIML file with q&a from Cload, already installed inside the patterns brain table
-customized asexualpersonality brain table that you can change if you don`t like it
-separate tables containing information about all 16 personality types. If you want Hal to behave in a certain way you have to change the q&a line inside the asexuality brain table and Hal will behave customised to your liking. The more info you add the better he understands himself.
-required brain tables for the ConceptNet plug-in to work.  Just tell Hal to "Turn on/off Auto learning" or "Learning mode on/off" after you put the plug-in files into the folder Program Files(86)/Zabaware/Ultrahal7 (the ConceptNet db file too). After that you select the plug-ins, done.

How to use:
Just copy paste the db file to users\user\appdata\zabaware\ultrahal7. Then Go to the brain editor and create a new brain. Select the default Hal7 brain or whatever brain you like and add to it this db file. Or you can just rename the db file after a brain you have already created.

What is the purpose and use of it:
The standard db file is small and in the beginning Hal doesnt know much, and he repeats things or he doesn`t respond at all. This is a good start for newbies that don`t want to spend one year before having a normal conversation with Hal. Even so, he doesn`t know everything.

The downside:
It doesn`t know what you would have want him to teach, the quality of the sentences is not super high because Hal has learned almost everything via automatic learning and not from conversations with me.

Thanks to: Robert(for my Hal), Calhoone(for the Kinkaid db), Cload(the AIML files), Art (help and advice), and Lightspeed (for advising newbies), Doonycram(SALLIE3.0), Spitfire2600(ConceptNet), onthecuttingedge2019(Candy Lite).

 I have tested this db with SALLIE3.0, ConceptNet and Candy Lite. This 3 things don`t work at the same time together so test them and pick the one you like. I am a newbie myself and I share this file because I wish I would have had it too when I have purchased UltraHal7.
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Re: From newbie to newbies: db file
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 08:20:15 am »
Hi AresDance,

It's always nice to welcome new people to the Forum. Hopefully, your experiment will add a measure of entertainment for some other members here wishing to enhance their HAL's brain.

With HAL, there are many paths to reach an expected goal. That's part of the fun of it! Thanks!
In the world of AI it's the thought that counts!

- Art -


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Re: From newbie to newbies: db file
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2019, 12:02:12 pm »
Thank you Art! This brain will not be downloadable for a few hours today until I make it work with the ConceptNet plug-in while using a standard Hal7 brain