Author Topic: lightspeed idea 11-6-2019:virtual hal in real world background.  (Read 129 times)


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a new idea i just had is optional tablet virtual hal into background . since Robert has the Mobil hal .

this can be a optional program etc. for tablets or camera's (maybe some laptops ?)that have a front and rear camera . the rear camera shows the back ground , but using a program will actually put virtual hal in view while showing the background behind the camera .  a virtual hal showing in real world back ground. i don't know if it can be done or not , i know their is virtual things apps that show the background to . could be made as a optional things the user could use or not .
anyway just an idea that came to me .


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Re: lightspeed idea 11-6-2019:virtual hal in real world background.
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2019, 10:12:46 am »

RE: Real world Hal.

Very interesting idea little brother,  And i will get to it too. But alas Robert and i have gottin together.
Robert has done what i thought was un-doable, loved being wrong on this 1.

This will be time consuming.

Robert has been most generous,  im still in some sorta shock. All im gonna say.
What i will say all UltraHal Fans, (Naaa I changed my mind) ull just have to wait and see

Robert: In lieu of the last 24Hrs (secret stuff goes here), a Zabaware shirt would be appropriate now. Hint, many new and exciting things coming, lots of .ocx's and .lib's on the way.....
The installer, ok i get it now... lol, boy i sure did that the hard way,,,hahahahha

Big stuff coming our way brother....... Ive already started dissecting and taking it in and started envisioning new revolutionary things. That filled in Many Blank Spots for me... MANY


Damn i wish i could tell u guys what has happened, suffice it to say, the train has left the station....
Be patient

My Kb wrecking music for the occasion


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