Author Topic: Reader will not work with Kate, no Paul  (Read 3109 times)


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Reader will not work with Kate, no Paul
« on: December 05, 2006, 05:42:45 pm »
I overlooked some problems with the demo versions and bought the Hal Reader, which I just installed from CD. I clearly lack a lot of information that it seems should be available in documentation, so here goes.

What's Neo Speech? Is VW Kate part of it? I hear mention of Kate and Paul; my TTS lists "VW Kate" but not Paul. Other listed voices are 6 varieties of "Robosoft" and "Sam."

When I select Kate, I get an error dialog box with "VOICETEXTENGSAPI50" in the title bar and "LOADTTS_ENG ERROR!!" as the error. I click OK and try it -- no sound comes out of the thing.

The other voices (the robos and Sam) work, but are so rough that I would never use this program with them. I have a much better voice in my old ReadPlease.

I re-installed and let the program repair, to no avail. Should bhere be more voices in the drop-down list of Hal Reader? (I think there were more voices in the demo.)

I'm on an HP box with XP Media.

My need is for something that will read anything I copy to the clipboard -- email, web page text, word docs.

Should I be choosing from some menu of "engines"? What are they? Where are they? Would it be possible to assemble a list of exactly what I need to make this work? I'm more than willing to go to some trouble, but I am not able to research all of this field in order to determine what will work.

Thanks for any help.