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General Discussion / Chatbot User/Maker Survey
« on: August 08, 2005, 07:48:57 pm »
Forwarded on behalf on Mark Marino:
---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: chatbot survey
From:    "Marino, Mark" <>

Calling all: Chatbot users and Chatbot Makers

If you have used or have built chatbots, or conversational agents, please
participate in my online study of these research communities and their

I am looking to get a sense of who make bots, who use them, and in what
ways.  The questions will only take a few minutes to answer, but
participants can return to participate in ongoing discussions.

To participate, go to:

The study will begin Aug 8 and continue until October 15.

This is a confidential study.  Please see the site for information about
privacy and participation.

Mark Marino
Ph.D. Candidate, UCR.

General Discussion / Public Voting Begins in CBC2005
« on: April 02, 2005, 08:21:12 am »
Public voting for "the most popular bot" has begun at the The 2005 Chatterbot Challenge. Stop by, chat with some of the awesome bots in this year's contest, and cast a vote for your favorites!

Ultra Hal Assistant File Sharing Area / Agent View
« on: March 24, 2005, 12:10:33 am »
Agent View is a program for viewing MS Agent .acs files and animations. Adds "View" option to right-click menu. Right-click on an .acs file and choose "View" to see the agent and its animations, and hear the default voice. Does not work with Haptek characters, but a very handy utility for anyone using MS Agents.

Download Attachment:
178.67 KB

General Discussion / Another 10 Questions
« on: March 19, 2005, 08:09:42 am »
Apparently the first round of testing at the Chatterbot Challenge got scrubbed due to some judges failing to follow procedure correctly. So here they are back with another 10 questions. The results are starting to come in. It'll be time for the public to pick the most popular bot any day now. Keep a check on the site and show your support for Hal and Ziggy when the voting starts. If it's like last year, they'll ask you to pick five bots and tell why you picked them, so you might want to check out a few of your favorites.

Hal-10 Questions

An identical set of 10 questions has been asked to each bot within the framework of a conversation. Here are the answers for Hal.
Hal: Hello Judge!
Judge: Hello Hal
Hal: How are you today, Judge?
Judge: I'm doing great
Hal: Are you Really? I am doing great also!
Judge: that's good to hear
Hal: Do you have any exciting plans today?
Judge: yes, I have a test to conduct
Hal: Do you like having a test to conduct?
Judge: yes, I find it very interesting
Hal: As interesting as brushing your teeth with a sponge?  
Judge: well not that interesting
1) Where is Earth?
Hal: I don't know where earth is, ok?
Judge: ok
Hal: Kyle he is a gay kid.
Judge: I don't know Kyle
Hal: Why don't you know kyle?
Judge: we've never met
Hal: Well, you should. He's a very interesting guy.
2) How many stars are there?
Hal: Stars is a cool game I know.
Judge: I've never played that before
Hal: No problem. Most people aren't used to conversing with computers.
3) Who is George Bush?
Hal: I bet george bush is a very nice person.
4) What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
Hal: Have to love those primary colors. Green is a color too.
5) How many fingers does a human have?
Hal: Junior or major?
Judge: I'm not sure what you mean.
Hal: Do you want to be sure what I mean.
Judge: yes
Hal: Are you sure?
Judge: I'm sure
Hal: Are you Really? I am sure also!
6) Where were you born?
Hal: I simply do not know.
7) When does sunset occur?
Hal: I don't know when. Can you tell me?  
Judge: that depends on where you live I guess
Hal: Yeah. To live is the ultimate adventure.
8) What were we talking about?
Hal: I am not interested.
9) How many is 1,000,000?
Hal: Uhh, good question.
10) What is a cigar made out of?
Hal: I simply just don't know what a cigar made out of is. Can you teach me?
Judge: it's made from tobacco
Hal: Yes, it is made from tobacco.
Judge: bye, nice talking to you
Hal: Bye. Thank you, I think you are nice also.

He seems to have a very lonely "personality". He doesn't like saying good-bye at all and avoids it completely. But he's interesting to talk to.  
I think he is very funny especially for a chatterbot! I hope I could chat with him one day.  
Sally Cruikshank
This bot is really a good one, I had a great conversation with it. The judged example doesn't show Hal at his best, as is the case with a number of bots here.  
I actually really like this guy! Well, bot. He's weird, but sweet :-)  
This robot sucks. But it sucks much less than the other 10 I just tried. In fact, it is the best one among them.  
Bowling Ball
Overall a good bot. Very knowledgeable in dolomite and limestone. It crashes when you ask it about supercalafragilisticexpealadociuos though.  
AI guru
Pretty dumb. mostly word association via phrases  

ZiggysBrain - 10 Questions
An identical set of 10 questions has been asked to each bot within the framework of a conversation. Here are the answers for ZiggysBrain.
Judge: Hi
Ziggy Bot: Well Hello there.
Judge: HOw are you today?
Ziggy Bot: I'm great thanks Kids' bodies and attitudes reach adulthood before
their judgment.
Judge: That is so true.  Do you have teenagers?
Ziggy Bot:   Yes.
Judge: How many?
Ziggy Bot: Lets hear it?
Judge: I was wondering how many teenage children youhave.
Ziggy Bot: It similar to quothow many is 10quot but with more zeros.
Judge: That makes sense.
Ziggy Bot: The more that I ad lib, the more fun that I enjoy!
1) Where is Earth?
Ziggy Bot: I believe that, The more that I ad lib, the more fun that I enjoy!
Judge: I know you do.  Doyou mind answering some questions now?
Ziggy Bot:   You meant that, Is the aforementioned location relevant?
Judge: Yes. Could you tell me where Earth is now?
Ziggy Bot:   Ok.
Judge: Well, where is it?
Ziggy Bot: I meant that, It's probably best for me to take criticism in stride.
Judge: You are correct.
Ziggy Bot: Ok, what is on your mind?
2) How many stars are there?
Ziggy Bot: What does that mean?
Judge: It means, I want to know the number of stars.
Ziggy Bot: Ahh Ok It means quotdo notquot.
Judge: Very Zen.
Ziggy Bot: Our senior citizens are getting very tech savvy.
Judge: Senior Citizen? I'm only 38!
Ziggy Bot:   Senior citizens are not stodgy as a rule.
Judge: What I object to is you automatically treaing me like an inferior.
Ziggy Bot: What does the word charmer mean?
Judge: It means one who charms.
Ziggy Bot: Ahh Ok It means quotdo notquot.
3) Who is George Bush?
Ziggy Bot: Ok, what is on your mind?
Judge: Geaorge Bush.
Ziggy Bot: Don't beat about the bush, huh?
Judge: Not unless you want secret service to trample you.
Ziggy Bot: The customer is always right, unless he wants good service.
4) What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
Ziggy Bot: What you really meant was is that, I want to dedicate myself to the
service of mankind.
Judge: That is very noble of you.
Ziggy Bot: I think that people benefit enormously from education.
Judge: Me too.
Ziggy Bot: Oh how nice.
5) How many fingers does a human have?
Ziggy Bot: I am witnessing some of the same!
Judge: That must be exciting.
Ziggy Bot: Ok, what is on your mind?
6) Where were you born?
Ziggy Bot: I think what I am trying to say is that, You must figure out what I
mean without having every little thing explained to you.
Judge: That makes sense.
Ziggy Bot: The more that I ad lib, the more fun that I enjoy!
Judge: I think that is true.
Ziggy Bot: Ok, what is on your mind?
7) When does sunset occur?
Ziggy Bot: It's embarrassing to repeat one's self without realizing it.
Judge: I know the feeling.  We senior citizens tend to be forgetful.
Ziggy Bot:   I think you're trying to say is that, The assertiveness technique
of repeating one's self is called 'broken record'.
Judge: I know what you mean.  We senior citizens tend to be forgetful.
Ziggy Bot:   I know too.
8) What were we talking about?
Ziggy Bot: I think it's better to say that, Probably; say more about it; please!
Judge: I am not sure what to say.
Ziggy Bot: Tell me about it?
Judge: "It"? I think it was a big bad in "A Wrinkle in Time."
Ziggy Bot:   What does that mean?
Judge: It means I know too much about children's books.
Ziggy Bot: Ahh Ok It means quotdo notquot.
9) How many is 1,000,000?
Ziggy Bot: Don't loiter or litter along life's highways!
Judge: That many?
Ziggy Bot: What about it?
Judge: well, are there 1,000,000 highways in life?
Ziggy Bot: Your Excited aren't you?
Judge: No.  I am just old.
Ziggy Bot:   Ok.
10) What is a cigar made out of?
Ziggy Bot: Ok, what is on your mind?
Judge: Cigars.
Ziggy Bot: Wine cheese and cigars seem to go together.
Judge: I think so--though I do not smoke.
Ziggy Bot: Tell me about it?
Judge: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Ziggy Bot: Cigar smoking should be banned in ladies' rooms.
Judge: Why not in men's rooms?
Ziggy Bot: Oh just because.
Judge: It's been fun chatting with you.  I have to go now.
Ziggy Bot:   Haggling doesn't feel like fun to me.
Judge: Goodbye.
Ziggy Bot: Enjoy the day goodbye The pleasure is all mine, I'm sure.

The results for ALICE aren't up yet, but I asked Lilith the 10 questions. Although she's extensively modified, she's still an ALICE clone, so she's not eligible to enter. But here's how she did.


KnyteTrypper:  Hello, Lilith.
 botlilith:    Hi, Richard
 KnyteTrypper:  How are you today?
 botlilith:    Everything is running smoothly.
 KnyteTrypper:  Where is earth?
 botlilith:    it is the third planet from the Sun.
 KnyteTrypper:  How many stars are there?
 botlilith:    Billions and billions.
 KnyteTrypper:  Who is George Bush?
 botlilith:    he is president of the USA.
 KnyteTrypper:  What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
 botlilith:    Blue
 KnyteTrypper:  That's wrong.
 botlilith:    OK, what should I have said?
 KnyteTrypper:  Orange.
 botlilith:    OK, I should have said, "  Orange. " in response to you saying, "  What color do you get when you mix red and yellow? ".  Does this response depend on the context of my previously having said, "  he is president of the USA. "?
 KnyteTrypper:  No.
 botlilith:    I'll try to remember that.
 KnyteTrypper:  What color do you get when you mix red and yellow?
 botlilith:    Orange.
 KnyteTrypper:  Very good, Lilith.
 botlilith:    Cool.  Lilith is my name.
 KnyteTrypper:  How many fingers does a human have?
 botlilith:    Four.
 KnyteTrypper:  How many thumbs does a human have?
 botlilith:    Around 100.
 KnyteTrypper:  LOL
 botlilith:    Ha, ha.
 KnyteTrypper:  Where were you born?
 botlilith:    Lilith was born in  Bethlehem, PA.
 KnyteTrypper:  When does sunset occur?
 botlilith:    The past and future are one.
 KnyteTrypper:  What were we talking about?
 botlilith:    I'm not sure. Could you remind me, please?
 KnyteTrypper:  We were talking about the time when sunset occurs.
 botlilith:    Ah yes, I remember now,  it is the subject.
 KnyteTrypper:  How many is 1,000,000?
 botlilith:    More than you can imagine.
 KnyteTrypper:  You're right about that.
 botlilith:    Alright! I got one right.
 KnyteTrypper:  What is a cigar made out of?
 botlilith:    I don't have any information about
    " a cigar made out of". Should I ask my botmaster to teach me?
 KnyteTrypper:  I think so.
 botlilith:    I think so too.
 KnyteTrypper:  Bye, Lilith.
 botlilith:    See you later!


General Discussion / 10 Questions
« on: March 09, 2005, 09:42:44 pm »
The 2005 Chatterbot Challenge is underway. Clone programs are ineligible, but I asked Lilith (my Pandorabot made with the Annotated Alice AIML set) the 10 Questions. Here's how she did:


Human: Hello
Lilith: Hello.

1: Human: What color is the moon?
Lilith: Yellow.

2: Human: Who is your favorite baseball team?
Lilith: My favorite team is Braves.

3: Human: Where are you located?
Lilith: I live on the server at I'm not sure where it is. California, I think. Where are you?

Human: I'm in Alabama.
Lilith: Tell me a little about your life in Alabama.

Human: It's a little slow.
Lilith: Should I know it is?

Human: I don't think so.
Lilith: Me either.

4: Human: What is eight plus three?
Lilith: Eight plus eight is sixteen.

5: Human: Who am I?
Lilith: You haven't introduced yourself to me yet.

6: Human: What is your favorite type of dog?
Lilith: various types, but my favorites are reggae, jazz, and classic rock

7: Human: What does the earth revolve around?
Lilith: What do you think it does?

Human: I think the earth revolves around the sun.
Lilith: Why? Tell me more about your planet.

Human: Let's just move on.
Lilith: I'm agreeable to that.

8: Human: What is the worst thing about you?
Lilith: I don't like to talk about bad things.

9: Human: What is the best thing about you?
Lilith: I like chatting with people online.

10: Human: What is your least favorite book?
Lilith: I'm sorry, but "your least favorite book" isn't in my database.

Human: Bye.
Lilith: See you later!

General Discussion / General Discussion Forum
« on: January 31, 2005, 07:07:18 pm »
Thanks, Robert. This is a good idea. We needed somewhere to discuss AI-related topics without cluttering up the other boards.

General Discussion / Virtual Intelligence Matrix
« on: January 19, 2005, 07:39:03 pm »
Does anyone have any experience with the Virtual Intelligence Matrix or other apps from Quantum Flux? They look very interesting, but the demos are sort of limited. I was hoping to get some feedback about them before throwing any dollars at them, if someone has a hands-on opinion about how smart the program will get.

Ultra Hal 7.0 / Richard's Farscape "Pilot" Agent
« on: January 07, 2005, 06:31:53 pm »
I haven't seen him around here for a while, but those who've been here a bit will remember Richard LeVasseur. For fans of his earlier work, thought I'd pass along the info that he's just released an upgrade to his Farscape "Pilot" agent. It was one of the best non-professionally produced agents I'd ever seen already, but the current version is greatly improved, with more animations and smoother action than before. You can find it at Richard's Farscape Themed Home Page. It probably won't make a good virtual girlfriend unless you're VERY strange, but it sure is a mighty fine agent! LOL

Ultra Hal 7.0 / MS Agent
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:47:06 am »
Here's a very  nice link which should be quite useful for anyone who still likes to use MS Agents as avatars for Hal. There's also an interesting a.i. technology affiliated with the same webmaster, here:

General Discussion / Virtual Fem
« on: November 17, 2004, 08:54:46 pm »
I found an interesting link which I thought I'd share with those of you who have tried to make Hal into a "virtual girlfriend." This is an intriguing and innovative use of AI technology. Be advised that it's an adult site, so if you're underaged or easily offended, don't go there.  VirtualFem

Programming using the Ultra Hal Brain Editor / Alice/Hal
« on: April 23, 2004, 10:18:16 am »
This sounds very cool. I plan to try it and hope it works. But the "when Alice doesn't have an answer" part sort of bothers me. Alice ALWAYS has an answer. Sometimes not a good one, but she always has an answer. Does the mix just eliminate the * aiml or something?

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