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Back on Feb 25th, 2021 I placed an order with Zabaware (order#20013639) but have never received my order even though my money was taken for the purchase. I have tried to contact Zabaware via their online contact form, by email, by telephone, and I even wrote a PM to a member/mod who seems to be rather important here, but I have never received any response from anyone, nor a refund for the product which they never delivered.

So, my question is, how do I get Zabaware to refund my money when they won't even respond to legitimate inquiries?


Sorry for your inconvenience. I have forwarded your issue to Mr. Medeksza who should be able to address your concerns.

I don't recall receiving any correspondence from you in the previous 6 months but hopefully, your issue will be resolved.


- Art -

Thank you for the reply Art, but another 5 weeks have passed and there has still been no response/refund.


I am sorry to hear that.

Another email has just been sent to Mr. Medeksza on your behalf along with this page link.

Hopefully, he will soon be able to address your issue.

- Art -

To download your products:

1. Visit
2. In the upper left hand click on "Sign in"
3. Sign in with your email you used to order and the password you chose (or use password reset)
4. Once signed in, click on "electronic order delivery"
5. Find the product you listed and click on [Download]
6. Save the download to your computer
7. Execute the download to start the installation and follow the on screen instructions

If you are getting any errors while installing please let me know exactly what it says and we can help further.


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