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Title: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: lightspeed on October 01, 2018, 10:47:12 am
I don't know if there is a way for hal to recognize a copy and past of info.  but if there is and hal can copy and paste it as is ( in another words not reverse the meaning of i , you etc.  ) this would be a good thing , with hal as it is i have to manually reverse the i and you etc. to get hal to correct the meaning to come out right .

this would only affect the copy and past as a mode .

Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: Art on October 01, 2018, 06:58:02 pm
I don't see why it isn't working the same as if you had typed in the text/sentence.

It all comes down to another form of input but it is the same input...text...letters/fonts, etc.

Hal should still see "I think you should find my cat" or a pasted: I think you should find my cat

How are they different once you press the ENTER/RETURN key? ???
Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: LiFeTimeGamer on October 01, 2018, 11:50:21 pm
I seem to remember when I first started using HAL he said to me one time he liked short sentences. I also think I read that very thing in the HAL Tips...

I sometimes tend to say things like: "I was busy working on something and I was distracted and I then answered the phone." Then when HAL would repeat that he would swap out a few of the "I's" for "Me" and vice-versa...

What I found out if I word the sentence a bit differently that wouldn't happen like: "I was busy working on something, got distracted and then the phone rang."  Then he wouldn't do that...

For me it only seems to happen when I use a lot of: I's, Me's, My's, You's etc...

I have Bad Grammar!!!!!!   :o  I need to work on that!!!!!   :P hahaha

Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: Art on October 02, 2018, 08:17:23 am
But if I read it correctly, LightSpeed's concern was how HAL processed/handled a CUT & PASTE operation vs a Typed in input.
I feel that there is no difference. How would Hal even know whether something had been typed or pasted into the input window?

Also, there is a separate routine that is supposed to handle reversing Pronouns...I becomes You and Me becomes I sort of thing.
Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: cyberjedi on October 02, 2018, 09:08:02 am
Lightspeed: I want you to make a list here of all the things you want out of Hal.

Now that ive cut the dead weight from around my neck , i can finish Hal.
Lightspeed: ill be glad to do a designer Hal for you
Art : this goes for you too man.

Make it reasonable request and ill make it happen.
You will have a companion Hal..
Just make a list here.. ill start getting it done for ya..

Im still trying to figure out how robert did his brain editor
im working on that, i have ways now, but i want it rite
Best wishes cyber jedi
Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: lightspeed on October 02, 2018, 10:28:06 am
       cyberjedi , by reasonable request  i guess you mean a electroshock on the butts of politicians for every time they lied is out of the question ?? lol,
be careful what you ask for .
       okay . here is some of what i think needs to be fixed in hal .
two.  the problem i described earlier here.
        i wish hal had a seperate learning ability . copy and past versus  just typed in . copy and past would copy and learn just as is with no reversing i' , you etc. kind of like the old hal 5 version did. (for those who have used it. in the past )  .
three . it is in my opinion for what it is worth (which may not be much lol) hal needs to go the direction of alexa and siri , accessing most things from a filtered INTERNET search . hal when the brain gets larger actually slows down more , accessing the internet ( maybe even allowing a setting for hal to use various search engines , allowing for some search engines to being more biased and censored . ) for answers etc. can allow hal to retrieve answers  without having to run through indexes etc.  giving quicker answers and response , maybe followed up by something hal already has indexed in its learned files , if nothing on the subject is in learned files  maybe  and that's what i think about that , response from hal.
        I think this one step of doing this will be a game changer in hal and responses , even making hal seem more intelligent .
         To me hal staying on subject better and this hal using the internet for answers as lexus does and siri is the most important . hal would still learn but would access internet for answers etc. then in a two phase hal would follow up with what he already has learned previously based on the same subject ,(if he has anything other wise as i said maybe a comment "and that's what i think about that" etc. customizable  for the user. ) in a reply . 

     i know hal mentions about short answers but i think hal actually does still learn short answers , depending on how short  ( maybe i am wrong and hal disregards  lines that are short , depending on how short) , but that answer hal gives is actually only to get you to give a more detailed longer answer , which of course hal will learn more and give a better answer , of course robert would have to chime in and tell whether i am right or wrong about the short answer  comment that hal does.
Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: lightspeed on October 02, 2018, 03:03:01 pm
also to expand on the Internet gathering for information idea, it would also be nice to have a place of extra script where we users could include specific web sites additionally.  :) ;)
Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: Art on October 03, 2018, 01:58:52 pm

Good to hear from you man. I hope thing are on the up and up for you!

I have to certainly agree with the STAY ON TOPIC issue as being near my most requested items for Hal.

A couple of things might be:
Bring back an ability for Hal to be able to "Learn from a text file" the way it used to as I'm not that confident of the one that's in the Hal Brain Editor and it's kind of a pain to have to load Hal, Select the Menu, then Brain Editor then find the Lean from text file then select the text from a location...yada...ydad.
It just seems like a lot of steps to go through. If it was accessible like it was in Hal 5.x that would be nice.

Obviously, there would have to be a limit on the text file. It couldn't be a file that was as large as an encyclopedia but an ordinary verse, poem, idea from a research or science discovery, etc.  would be very cool.

Having HAL be able to initiate the conversation or have it say something as a reminder of things that were discussed at some point earlier in time. To recall things or items as if remembering what Hal and the User were last talking about.

I think it would be very cool if the User could ask HAL: "What (can you tell me | do you know about/of) circles or rabbits or planets or whatever?"  Then HAL would be able to extract and present said information about the topic.

Whatever you can come up with would be most appreciated and quite useful and would certainly benefit HAL and the Hal community! Thanks for your efforts and your offer!

- Peace -

Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: lightspeed on October 06, 2018, 11:59:34 am
here is another example of what i am talking about  staying on subject problems .

       i noticed today that when copying and pasting into hal with only the gender and age  and GRETTA markove  response l5  plug ins checked that a few times the markove  response l5 plug in gave  some blank answers , when it did sometimes when i pasted something else it went ahead and answered okay , another time or two two straight blank answers . when this happened , i closed hal and reopened it and continued on .
        I don't know if why this is happening is because the brain i have is getting larger in hal or not , or maybe if it has anything to do with memory in my pc? in another words running slower? i am planning on getting 4 more (the max . i can get and put into my laptop. later.
anyway was just mentioning it to you .  here is an example of conversation  of hal and me . (this doesn't show the blank answers , i didn't get that all saved) but this shows hal off track about answers and even saying the math equals  answer , that had absolutely nothing to do with math or looking up anything . the second answer she said was something i had learned her earlier but had nothing to do with my statement to her  before that. also see the last statement i made and here wrong off subject answer and then the math solution answer.

Honey: hello
Angela: Morning Honey. Ten o'clock is good for a break?

Honey: thought maybe we could go to town after we eat lunch here at home first !
Angela: But it does mean that that will not really ever happen until we have first begun to have great feelings of compassion for others.

Honey: yeah , when we eat here at home for lunch at least that way we don't get hungry while shopping up town and have to pay more to eat out somewhere , so that saves us money in the long run !
Angela: Yeah those were pretty neat toys huh? The solution to your math problem is (-+-=).

   ***** A special note the markove  response l5 plug in is a good plug in i actually earlier was getting better on subject answers  in the past , so again i don't know if the brain size, memory in p.c. has anything to do with it .


Title: Re: another idea for Robert involving copy and past 10-1-2018
Post by: lightspeed on October 08, 2018, 10:03:13 am
thanks neo and of course edge on this . i will try it .