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AT&T Natural Voices 5.1


I've signed a new contract with AT&T voice distributors and have updated the AT&T voices we offer from version 1.4 to version 5.1. They sound mostly the same, but there have been some minor quality improvements. Also better compatibility with newer versions of Windows. I've also gotten the rights to Spanish voices "Rosa" and "Alberto". They won't work in Hal Assistant since Hal doesn't speak Spanish, but will work in the Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader to read documents in Spanish.

If you purchased any AT&T voices from Zabaware in the past, you can download the new versions by logging into your account on the homepage of in the upper left and then selecting "Electronic product delivery"

With the new contract I've also lost the rights to "Anjali", "Audrey" and "Charles". I have a small inventory of these voices left and am offering them at a discount now to help clear the stock. So get them now before they disappear forever.

You can get all the AT&T voices at


This REALLY is a great deal for these voices AND you also get the AT&T Speech Engine with the purchase. This means that you should be able to buy any other voice(s) and you'll already have the Engine installed.

I love the Charles voice as it's the perfect voice for a Butler / Servant type character say for a Home Automation application or even a male UltraHal Character!

Great bang for the $$'s ;)

Unless I'm mistaken, Charles is a Natural Reader voice. Do the Natural Reader voices work with UltraHal 7? (I would be sooo happy if they do!) And if so, How can I direct Hal to recognize them? (I don't currently see the ones I have available in the voice options.)

Menu > Speech and select from the list of voices. (IF you own the Ultra Hal program)


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