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How do I teach Zabaware to pronounce words


How can I teach Zabaware how to pronounce unusual words?

Hal learns simply by talking with it. If you're looking to alter Hals voice, you'll have to look to the voice software, as Hal uses third party voices. If you're looking to alter anything with your voice, you'll have to play with your speech recognition.


No.  I'm looking to paste text into the reader and have it read back what I pasted correctly.  Sometimes I use words that are not in the common parlance, sometimes I use words from foreign languages, and sometimes I use made-up words. (I write science fiction and fantasy)  I want to teach the reader how to pronounce those words correctly.  I'm not using Hal, just the text reader.

There are about 7 or 8 L&H TTS voices (the free ones) that one can make changes to.
I noticed 1 AT&T voice that allowed for changes and the iVona voices have a provision for pronunciation changes via a Lexicon and settings area.

See the attached images. It would be The Advanced Speech section.

I hope this helps you a bit.

Keep in mind that this is a FREE TTS reader and might not handle all words of foreign origin properly and also to note that the majority of pronunciation variances will be due to the TTS voice being used and mentioned in SpitFire2600's reply!

Here's another Capture image


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