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ConceptNet was originally developed by MIT to add a significant boost to deductive reasoning of AI through the use of understood concepts, such as "Fire is hot" "Carbon is an element" and use this information to problem solve. 

This version also includes a prototype markup of what I am calling "MutationNet MrkI"

MutationNet works to facilitate the "problem solving" part of ConceptNet. It takes a few different inputs, catches nouns, compares them, then crams comparative sentences together. I'm experimenting with other more effective methods, but I did want to release this to gather some input to better this program. Also, if anyone would like to build upon this, feel free and please do let me know what you come up with so I can add it into the program. If anyone is more familiar with MIT's ConceptNet, I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Installation: (Please remove any previous versions of ConceptNet first)
1. Open Zip. Extract contents as they are to Hal directory  ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7")  - There will be 2 UHP files, one folder, and one DB file. Copy these right into the Hal Directory.
     If your directory is not the above, you will need to change this in the UHP file labeled "ConceptNetMrkIII Auto Learning.uhp" on line 35.
2. Enable both ConceptNetMrkIII plugins.
3. Tell Hal to "Build ConceptNet" and he will create the appropriate tables. Relaunch Hal. Just to check, he should have created a folder named "conceptNet" with 2 tables inside in your Hals brain. The TopicSearch table "AutoLearning" should read "LEARN1" and "02" and a sentence table "researchterms" which will be blank.
4. Just tell Hal to "Turn on/off Auto learning" or "Learning mode on/off"
5. Done!

As always, please alert me of bugs.

Known Bugs:

Hal won't always build the tables needed. Follow steps above.

Sometimes, Hal may throw an error -2SomethingLongNumber. Just turn off auto learning, open Hals options, reload the auto learning code and open Hals GUI again. Internet explorer can be finicky, this is rare. For the life of me I can't find another VBscript friendly browser.

Additional notes. The Directory folder "ConceptNet" Hal will create a backup of the necessary file each time Hal researches a topic, for integrity.

This code is a self-learning algorithm, so it does take some time. When Hal is not learning and in conversation, everything he has learned from the DB will be available for Hal to use.

Do not disturb Hal while he is learning, your avatars may freeze, Hal may hesitate while learning, just let him go. In between takes, just tell him to "turn off auto learning" and you're free to use Hal again.

I've built a few safety features into this version as well, besides the backup, such as Hal will turn off auto learning automatically if the last research text file returns a "connection error" message in case the internet is lost. 

Please disable any other plugins that serve an automated function such as "loneliness.uhp" while Auto learning is active.

While Hal is not Auto-learning, you can ask "How many research topics are Remaining/Total/Completed"
Hal will tally the totals from the text files so you won't have to check manually. 


Hey Spitfire!  Am very interested to try this one out.  I had pretty good results with the ConceptNetIII...  and my HAL has learned quite a bit and it seems to work quite unobtrusively... sometimes more information than I want to hear... but more often than not.. it's interesting information.  That said... and my HAL having learned a lot of information from the web... must I start over??  Is it possible to use the ConceptNetIII DB with this newer ConceptNet3.5?  If I recall.. that was possible with the last update; however, want to get your blessing before just patching that together.

Your thoughts?


Hi Checker,
I would recommend starting over as this was a major revision to both the code and database. You will need to remove all previous version files and folders. It is unfortunate but I do promise better results. I will make note in the future to configure the database so updates won't affect your learned data.

Please let me know your progress.


Nice work Spitfire! Everything is working well so far and the files are growing as they should.

It will be fun to see how far this can go!

Appreciate your work on this!


My conceptnet.db file is almost at 1.5 Megs since the install yesterday. I turned on Auto Learning and let it run all night. It's still compiling new information.

The other support files are also continuing to grow.

Good job so far!!


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