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So what is your favorite voice to use?
I like the CereProc Katherine because she sounds more natural to my old hard of hearing ears.

Oddly enough, the Katherine TTS voice is on average, in the neighborhood of 10 decibels higher than the NeoSpeech Kate voice.

I set my computer's volume to a constant then say a DB meter in front of the speaker and had each voice read the same sample of text.

While the results vary with the pronunciation of each word, the average was about 10 db in most cases.

I think the Kate voice is equally clear and distinct as the Katherine it might be the voices internal default volume setting making the difference.
Both are nice voices.

I personally use the AT&T Julie voice that has a nice pleasant tone (for now).



Sorry its been long while, but don't forget in any reference like that its not only decibels that need to be measured but frequency of voices as after 45yo approx. there could be a significant drop off with higher frequencies giving the you the illusion of what the source volume is, as trying to pick out monitors or a good set of headphones, just go with what your ears are hearing.


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