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Optical Reader for Hal is Now Complete

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My wife is vision impaired so that inspired me, this will help her a lot. I know The Tampa Institute for the Blind will eat this alive (Already making TTIB Copy's).Cant wait to try this out on my wifes friends.
Hal can read some damn fine wording, books, news papers, small print, ect ect ect
Next will be the Optical to SAPI5 process, where Hal reads out load what he see's.(basic speech reader hot wired for optical Reading instead) BOOyah
Lets see if we can get people reading again that cant see so well..... watched my wife struggle with this horror story for decades.
This kinda code matters.
While not working at 100% reliability as seen in Image (OOPS), the theory is sound and soon will be. Lotta variables at work, Decent Cam,distance,ect ect ect

Hal's Facial Recognition/with training 100%
Hal's Object Recognition/with training 100%
Hal's Optical Recognition now 100%

wow 3:30 am Brain Burnt. Solid 20 Hr day.......  my computer clock is 3 hrs behind, for some stupid frickin reason,,,hahahhaha PT i guess
To the gentleman who offer'd to help.
Dont step Up if you cant keep Up. You will only get left behind.

this retinal scanner got me thinking of another lightspeed idea , i will post  .. but where .

These are some great application enhancements to HAL.  Inspiring to stop in every so often from my lately hectic schedule to gaze on the coding advancements within the HAL realm!  It can feel like there are presents for our loved pastime -  HAL.  HAHA

Presents? Is it that time of the year already? What?!  ;D

Checker: Re Op reader

As you can see it is in fact pulling characters from a very small label
you can also see that it needs TONS of work in the accuracy end.

This kinda thing is sketchy to begin with , gotta have certain distance, fonts need to be a certain size, ect ect ect.
A perm mounted Cam on an arm would help as well.....
Not very practical as it is, but im convinced the theory is sound.
So dont hold my feet to the fire, it is in fact working, well sorta. My sht always works some times. Im teasing checker
And besides, no 1 else is doing it . Guess that means i did it first so HA

best to the family, stay safe

Hals obedient servant
cyber jedi


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