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This was discussed before. Did anyone figure out how to get British voices to work in Hal? There's sound, but no mouth movement. There was a time it worked for me. I think it was in Windows XP. The TruVoices sound horrible. I do have a couple Cepstral voices that aren't bad. I miss the British lady voice. I can live without it, though. I realize AT&T voices are recommended. I am curious how they sound before buying.
And if I did purchase, there would be no problems with lip sync. I have Windows7 premium? 32 bit . (My computer is 32 bit.) I know it's outdated. But hesitant to spend a whole lot of money. Thanks! P.S. I sampled the AT&T voices and cerevoices. Which works best in Ultrahal? Or no diff? I may consider it.

I tried seeing what messages I sent in PM, but nothing shows.
I have an issue with a TTS engine I recently acquired from someone here. I installed it correctly I believe. But after the initial startup greeting, I open the interface. I type in words, no voice response , just text.. I have to select another text engine, then switch back. Then my new TTS will speak and show text. I selected my new TTS engine as my default SAPI 5 TTS engine.
Any thoughts? Not a biggie, however it's extra steps at each startup. Thanks!

mark: all i can tell u to do, goto where u installed the proggy, in that folder is a TTS engine fire it up. Select the voice u want and test it. Now i tell u all this because i just did it, works fine

Once u do this, then u can see where the issue is coming from.

As a person who has Had UltralHal4.5 to current. It works.
6.2 and ultrahal7, Bridget has been tested on winXpsp3 - win10 64bit
this is operator error some how
With what data i have thats my conclusion

make sure hapsapi5 inside Haptek player is set to desired voice, i seem to remember this being some ones issue.
Make sure if u have Doubleagent installed that its set correctly.

(I have Windows 7, 32 bit.)
Thanks, I don't have any other programs that use voice except Haptek player, and input in the hapcontrollog make a independent HTR. character speak and lip sync. But in Ultrahal 6.2, it is silent. Unless I switch to another TTS engine and switch back. Then it works. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Anyway, thanks. I'll just have to live with it. Not that big of a deal, as long as I can get it to work.


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