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Mike & Crystal - don't do contractions


I'm very disappointed to hear Mike and Crystal can't handle contractions. <--- comes back as I em very...can tee handle... We're comes out as we re and so on.

It makes audio proofreading harder. Is it something mis-typed or is it the TTS?

Is there any way to fix this? Both the Zabaware and Balabolka TTS apps give this result.

some voices , mispronounce words , some of it is accents of voices , what you are describing sounds like something else .

You might give these a try if you haven't already done so.

This link uses the TTS voices you have installed on your computer to try various words and phrases.

Some voices as Lightspeed mentioned, don't always pronounce words correctly like wound and wind. The knife caused a wound on his hand. He tried to wind cloth around the wound but the wind blew it away. Now, we have two instances of the word wound and two of wind but both should have different pronunciations. See how accurately some voices treat them. That is a test that I sometimes use when trying a new TTS voice.

Depending on your purpose be sure to test any TTS voices before you purchase them to avoid any dissapointment.

You can also list some contractions like can't, don't, won't, couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't, they're, you're, we're, they'll, we'll, etc.

Good luck!

Re voices

Not all SAPI5 voices are created equal look at the size of the Lib itself.In this case bigger is deff Better

The best hands down are VW voices from Voiceware
But even with them some will act differently.
If i had to take a stab at whats best, Its a toss up between Bridgett or Julie (julie is my fav over all)
Julie is who im currently running with
Some guy in here patched all of them.So im told.

cyber jedi


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