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GodelPy for Hal (Local GPT for Hal, with memory and functionality)

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i am making sure i did this right i took the unzip files and placed them in the ultra hal 7 directory, i guess you ment the program file . and the uhp file i placed in the roaming apps file and renamed line 2 the same as my custom brain ( i made back ups first.  )i installed the python program . it installed okay and rebooted .   i double clicked the "createreqs.bat" and it downloaded things  but when it did it showed an error in red but flashed off after about 2 seconds so i couldn't read it.   
i ran the cmd and dragged the file into it and hit enter and the pic is what it showed.

heres my files in the hal 7 program folder


you got me thinking so I updated the requirements.txt file to list the appropriate versions exactly as needed. Try downloading the Ultra Hal from above again, and replacing your requirements.txt file, then run createreqs.bat through cmd. (I have updated installation instruction, please refrence them) Then try to test again and see what happens. This should fix the error!


Also, I have updated instructions to solve some of the issues, please follow them exactly and keep me updated.

* sorry for the buggy launch here guys, I'm only 6 months into python but I promise this will amaze you, please bear with me.


This whole thing sounds great... I only got 8-Gigs of shared ram on this machine so I assume it would be slow as hell... But!!!!!  You're doing some great work Spitfire, My hats off to ya!!!!!... 8)


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