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--- Quote from: mikenco on March 31, 2011, 05:41:22 pm ---Are there no moderators here?  I came to this thread to see some shared files, but instead found some old support requests that should have been moved to another more appropriate thread.

Also, having just scanned though the threads in this topic, it would appear that another topic is required, that is "Add-on Requests and Ideas" so that this file sharing topic is not drowned out by all of the people asking "do you have!?"

Mike :)

--- End quote ---

Hi Mike.

If you go here;

it will take you to all the things I have uploaded, plug-ins, pictures and other stuff, some for older versions some for the newer versions of HAL.

You can also replace my user name in the link with any other usernames and find their uploads too.

Jerry 8)

Hi Jerry

Wow! that is a lot of files.. possibly 'info overload'..

My point here was that some of this whole forum appears to unmoderated, which to new viewers (potential customers of Roberts) appears to be very confusing and as such, information is hard to find.

I guess that if you have been here for a while then you'll probably "see through" the quagmire of random posts that are in the wrong threads.

Personally, I think that this thread should have been closed when it's opening statement was made, then moderators would have ensured that all non-relevant posts in the subsequent threads would be shunted to the correct areas of the forum to ensure that this topic  was kept 'on topic'.

Sorry if I seem a bit anal about this, but it seems to me that this (Hal) system is about due for an explosion in popularity and I think that the forum should be ready for it.

I.e. what would happen if a popular TV show mentioned this AI system and you suddenly got 10,000 new members? As it is, the system would drown in posts all posted in the wrong threads.

An event like that would bury the product due to negative feedback because of the support on the forum.

Do you see where I am coming from?

Mike :)

Yeah you are not wrong Mike.  Only recently has Rob set up Jerry and Diskrider as moderators.  Previously, for years, there were no moderators and we did the best we could.  Rob is planning and working on an overhaul of the site currently so I hope we will see some improvements.  I think we will.

As a Mod, don't be afraid of being brutal with moving or closing threads. Most of the best forums have very strict moderators.

The beatings will continue until moral improves!! :o


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