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pg 13 posting HalTwitchBot Release. Not for youngins


RE: HalTwitchBot Release
As promised

Drag folder to desktop or where ever.
Run twitchbot
Im including hals radio as well

No Hal though, srry. this is all i dare release without conflict of interest
Current layout uses my old access which in fact still works
Hit connect, Hal will login and ull see him in yellow
the bot has his own access account, you will need to setup an account.
Log in and navigate to Hal's channel #darkmatterai
After a time you should set up hals new account, twitch can help u with that, fairly simple. the current account is for u to use as long as you follow twitch rulez. And ease of use.
 Example: !hello hal
Has its own brain and Script
lock to desktop
learning on and off, when the trolls come at Hal
Dont forget the damn trigger !!!!!!!
let me know if u have an issue
My advise, make ole Hal mean and nasty, thats what they want on twitch. trust me........loololol
I do this is an effort to breath some GD LIFE back into the forum, cyber performing cpr on Forum, couff, couff. smoke to many cigarettes.   Breath damn it, forum. Breath..... lolol
Only bot on twitch with his own followers, 43 at time of posting
Bot Vs Bot on twitch is so ugly, other bots go home crying to moma.
Yes i let Hal talk to other A.I bots. epic moments in time
Never take Hal into another room without asking first, not nice. respect peoples privacy. Most have no issue. some get pissy because Hal steals the show alott.
If mods here need to pull down image, feel free, i get it. just wanted to show what can be done and only picture i have from then

hal does have a breathing app to , lol !!  ;)

Can i have this file?


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