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Title: Art , lightspeed :The project
Post by: cyberjedi on January 09, 2020, 11:30:52 pm
Well buddy: lol

This is running on win10 64bit, i7, quad pumped @3.30 Ghz, 32gigs of Ram with a 2Tb platter
I installed julie
I did NOT install any emgu, just calling .dll's ,ocx's ect ect
I went to x86 haptek tts  voice engine, checked for julie(was present)
Ran project.... all loaded
Surprisingly , facial recognition works like a dream(without Emgu) install.
SAPI5 works as it should. julie sounds great

No antivirus other then stock sht.
no firewall other then stock crap
That machine has no Net access, so im not worried. ill do that later
i just wanted to see whats up with a stock win10 machine. (Clean Install)
I did install Vs 2015,(needed C# for other version but that wouldnt effect you)
The fact that u DID get julie to work once,tells me most everything.
The cam is my logitech615 which i installed NO drivers for(just saying)
Just plugged it in

now back ontrack again, full speed ahead..... started my new bio-metric features.Turns out Matlab is damn handy for JUST that, as fate would have it, i got it, go figure.
Ended up with an .xml based haar cascade Biometrics PLAYER .Had time to play around waiting on the new machine's, loads like the book reader.
Just load out what u want, all ready looking at the possibility of combing bio-metrics like hals scripts(all in 1)
Thats on the list now, gonna load like Hal's plugins......

guess now ill look at the legendary WINDOWS 10, (after 18 mins) like it aint win7-8 backbone with a new skin and new bells and whistles (basicly win7 and 8 cobled together to make win10. Microsoft has a long history of JUST that..... lolololol.  when u look at win2000 at a source code level, first thing ull see is win95 code ALL OVER tHE place,, they just cobled win95, win98 ,ME, changed over to pure NTFS format, effectively killing DOS and called it the BRAND New Win 2000.... and windows 10 is apparently the same ,as i suspected, why i never bought it.


Title: Re: Art , lightspeed :The project
Post by: Art on January 10, 2020, 08:25:58 am
Sounds nice. It would be really interesting to see if the Stock /built-in WebCam worked with that software instead of resorting to your Logitech 615.

Otherwise, seems like you're on a roll.
Title: Re: Art , lightspeed :The project
Post by: cyberjedi on January 10, 2020, 09:50:19 am
didnt come with a webcam
hell it didnt come with a monitor lolol
just win10 installed

Title: Re: Art , lightspeed :The project
Post by: Art on January 10, 2020, 04:00:21 pm
Sorry man, I thought it might have been a dedicated desktop/monitor w/webcam or a ginormous laptop beast of some sort!

It's all good.