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Title: kickinit with Hal
Post by: cyberjedi on March 13, 2021, 12:15:33 pm
labor of love

Screen shots never get it.
lightspeed wanted sizable char's
Title: Re: kickinit with Hal
Post by: lightspeed on March 14, 2021, 03:14:32 pm
VERY COOL STUFF , like the face recognition and sizable characters also the graphics !!! you have been working  hard !!  i know you have a lot on your plate as always but maybe sometime in the future by using the facial recognition with camera  something similar could be done with color charts  for color recognition and pre written responses  to a shirt and or pants color  within sentences . and or objects ,    the future is out their is just takes the right talented  mind to grasp it and unfold it .  8)
thanks for all the hard work you continue to do.
Title: Re: kickinit with Hal
Post by: cyberjedi on March 14, 2021, 05:14:59 pm
RE: Hal vision

lightspeed there is an issue on the vision end.
For this to work and work correctly it is saved as Grey Scale images for comparison. Soooo color recognition will be a bit rough.
In defense of this code, it will do full frontal face,full body as well as 1/2 body, upper and Lower depending on Algo and Me being me says, Hey thats perfect for the Hal alarm.
Put on lower body and point the camera out the window. No false positives, deer, bear, pig, dog, possum, ect ect, takes 2 legs and a BUTT in motion to trigger a function>>>>   Much better then just Motion.
The list of things that can be done becomes exponential.
The original code examples were in .net C# and had to be converted and combined and ect ect ect, quite sure it could be improved on, and in many ways as well.

Everything is in .Net 2015 and that plugs in everything current.
Im still pushing X10 and Zwave formats. Yayayaya ive hear it all.
Google this and google that, yaada yada yada. Unplug from the internet and see how far the Google gets YOU.

UltraHal is the perfect Smart Home.Zero Point protocols are sickkkk. Pushing Hals code VIA my homes wiring , Thats just sexy
Components are so cheap that u can buy them buy the pound.

Stuff all over the place for examples
Where did the UltraHal Assistant concept GO?
My hals gotta do sht.
Dave open the fricking Pod bay doors, Hal: nope you were nasty to me. DIE......... lmaoooooo
Maybe ive seen to much 2001 space odessy...
I will take functionality over smarts 10 time outa 10.Hal is plenty smart just the way he is
Robert, thank you for the never ending Story... just awesome.

cyber jedi
If robert would like to cut in this code, here it is.
Heres what i started with in vision. its complete and functioning,for what it does.  enjoy
VS 2015 required , just a great example.

Title: Re: kickinit with Hal
Post by: AlexanderRaven on April 28, 2021, 10:55:24 pm
HI friends how can i get those characters .htr thanks for your help
Title: Re: kickinit with Hal
Post by: cyberjedi on June 25, 2021, 07:57:49 am
Hal finally getting his due

Ultrahal Vs kuki

cyber jedi
Title: Re: kickinit with Hal
Post by: Art on August 07, 2021, 07:43:42 am
Of course, you all picked up on Kuki's sweatshirt Binary code...

It spells KUKIAI (Kuki AI).

You can easily convert it for yourselves here: (