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New update I wanted to tryout some new options let me know how it all goes. I will write more about it later.
I worked hard all night to create a bigger artificial neural network For my plug-in I need all you noobs and ppl who have used hal for years to test this out later tomorrow night I will write more.

      hi  doonycram, glad to see you back !!  depending on how you rewrite your plug in to update it , is their any way at all that the re written part can be copied and added to the older version plug in?
    the reason i ask this is because  some people like myself have tweaked the original plug in responses , and this would keep me from having to go all back through the plug in and having to redo everything every time  their is a update.   

 what improvements will the bigger artificial neural network do . ??

 thanks as always for all your hard work you do !

@ Doony,

I've loaded S.A.L.L.I.E.3.0 and it works fine with Hal. I opened/closed and ran it through Hal several times with no hiccups or errors.
Some of the responses were a bit more in-depth or detailed and some were parts of conversations or information I taught it in the past.

So far, so good.

@ Lonnie,

Couldn't you just do a selection then Copy/Paste into the proper area of the new/updated plugin?

I can see that it might pose a problem if your text covers many, many lines. Smaller sections at a time could still work but you'd have to be careful and be mindful of placement when Pasting the text. Yeah...I get that.

Stay tuned....
Get your S.AL.L.I.E 3.0 I will soon be letting everybody know the new updates.


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