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Open source Haptek


Ive hunted this for some time.
What this is , is an (((open source))) Haptek encoder.
I found a little nest egg of characters as well
This could be an out for us........
whats inside is 29 puttys and 120 textures, heads, torso's and 2 full body, this is the first full body Guy ive seen
Its the encoder im after..hehehe......... it has a compressor
But inside,i found this as well, and i share


P.s Art, this is Niges stuff.. ohhhh mannnn
i found a dead link here and persued it..

i went to the link then hit a redirect link at 

pretty interesting stuff on that web page !!!  :)
verrry interesting !!!  ;)

It can't be found. It was for original purchasers of a program called People Putty and that company who created it is out of business.

A few people still own their original version which they originally paid for but it can't be bought any longer. Sorry!


Hey hey guys gals
In point of fact there is some source code available
This the actual player code. THAT EVIL ActiveX, which is in fact the nuts and bolts to most of it. well the player anyway think this is 39...
This gives up many a secret....
Yes it been redone in VS2010 (your welcome)so ull need that.
Point to the local resources and rock and role with you own stuff.
If u need a functional copy of VS2010,VS2015 VB and C#After that is just plain dumb (Ya you azure) hit me up i know a guy who knows a guy thats grandma has a copy, she says

Below is the code

cyber jedi

The people Putty Program does not seem to be available any more;
There was a release of the source code for the Haptek Player! Which does need to be recompiled to work on Windows 10. Any products you use with the ActiveX control (needs to run as Administrator) .

There is a file with all the skins etc inside it as it was shared by myself and another member of the forum many years ago.
By creating the skins its possible to wrap the skin around "most body's/heads" utilizing the people putty program.
The problem with the haptek was the charges were actually too high-(higher than the market could bear) .... today the price would be valid .

I was able to reverse engineer the product by focus-ing on a 3d Wire-frame model as a base displayed in a picture-box with a skin wrapped around!.

As well as reverse engineering Microsofts Agent  (Which is a series of GIFS) as i had made an agent for the knight rider char before also .
that was much easier; as a collection of animations stored in the resources and displayed in a transparent picture-box, (with speech balloon Tag-Popup).

Today we have Adobe Animator and Cartoon Studio as well as reface ... these tools also enable for the development of lifelike characters in an animation rig for creating the GIF required.

you can message me offline to grab a copy of the haptek if in need!


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