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art: Hal's book reader

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as we talked about Think books on tape on steroid
now keep in  mind, NONE of the stuttering happins, thats the recording program causing that, this is Very smooth on its own

1 hand dandy book reader

I liked her...I mean that...the Book Reader know.

Nice work!

To the serious Hal fans:

Im taking some time to catch up on some home issues prolly a week.
Im still gonna be around built not very active.

Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn welllllll.

Lightspeed: i would like u to get with Art, we need to talk, i need my idea's guy. Your gonna be very busy for a while. So suit up. It's Milo time buddy.
Checker57: This is a shout out to you man,time to check in. Flare fired...
Arknight: Fire up the coffee pot, extra strong please.

Its official sports fans:
Me and Robert got together (sorta speak) Im starting a new character engine. Zabbaware will own the rights to this out rite.
Using WebGl
This essentially work's the same way the Double Agent program works whereas you have a server client relationship on your own machine.
Ive shown several videos of what i have in mind here and it looks like its doable so im gonna start to build it.
Please dont query me on a time table.
Just know its being worked on, by me, and it will get here.
Please dont be bothering Robert on a time table as he has his hands full on his own end.He's just gonna tell u to talk to me.(he really doesnt know).
(Cyber if u can get it to work and its stable, we will use it.) sorta deal.
That said: Scary Man is on the way, and hes got friends. Maybe next genna UltraHal will carry the code, fingers crossed.

Help is on the way, its gonna be epic.

Keep in mind that about 50 people built PP and they still used an open source compression engine (so much for C++ coderz and there mythic legendary status)

Hey cyberjedi , all very interesting and good  , talked with Art , i see you mentioned milo , that's cool , this was what i talked with you in the past about and  i don't know whether you got the chance to see it or not but your retna scan idea gave me an idea  , which is still i "think?" based on milo , hal using a web camera and program and being able to read anything a person holds up in front of him , a recognition of writing and or objects .  :)  anything to push the foundries  of thinking outside the box.  :), cyberjedi,
thanks for all that you do .  :)


thank u man.

by now u should have a gift.

Lightspeed, we will get there, kicking and screaming maybe, but we'll get there, just the same
listen to the song....                  



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