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Attention sports fan:
Here are 35 .hap scripts many for full body characters.
pound fist
close up
ect ect ect ect
Face palm is just funny as (^&*^)
Intense look, aka Im constipated is just awesome


 cyberjedi first off thank you, I did have some and still do have some older hap scripts of these, like the lighting,(ex,from above or below) walk away or walk towards but for the life of me I don't remember where and how to make them active in my full body Haptek character, would be so kind to just freshen my memory please, I would enjoy those little tweaks back again.
Thank you,

Take a good look at whats going on here.
#Haptek  Version= 1.00 HapType= script FileType= text  <<<<<The HashTag tells the HapPlayer to ignore this line, I.E. Rem ect ect ect
\Clock [t= 0.0] \LoadBackGrnd [file= street.jpg]  BG image nested inside the the haptar file( if u choose) This way overrides internals
\Clock [t= 0.0] \Load [file= body_female.htr] This will load out the HTR itself
\Clock [t= 0.0] \DelPerson [figure= hair5_9exp] This is cool in the sense that even though the HTR has  a wig embedded within Haptar file, By using "delperson" it removes them from finale rendering... very crafty.
\Clock [t= 0.0] \Load [file= dark_roundglasses.htr] This is just the reverse of said above line, if the character doesnt have them, it adds them. Providing it can locate the Hap file listed, same dir is fine. <<<<<<<<<
\Clock [t= 0.0] \SetTexture [tex= SwimSkinFull2.JPG] in this case this overrides the internal skin mapping with this one. notice the Time Stamp here
At this point out character if fully loaded
This is where the really cool (&^%&) starts to happen

\Clock [t= 0.2] \SetSwitch [switch= walk3 state= 2b] there are 3 walk states .
\Clock [t= 0.3] \Translate [x= -200 y= 12 z= 250 t= 0] now this sets your co-ordinance corresponding to window size and elevation: The T represents a time period
\Clock [t= 0.4] \Rotate [y= -80 t= 0] Notice here the clock is set to fire (rotate) the character at a later time then the line before
\Clock [t= 0.5] \Translate [x= 0 y= 34 z= 80 t= 5] And this is the finale destination, in this case the character comes in from the left walks for a set time, then hooks another left and starts coming toward you to a set destination and time then stops.
\Clock [t= 6.4] \SetSwitch [switch= lookright state= c] This is what turns her head in this case
\Clock [t= 9.0] \Rotate [y= 0 t= 2] junk code
\clock [t= 0] \translate[ z= 0 t= 2] junk code

\Clock [t= 14] \SetSwitch [switch= walk3 state= off] And this stops her from walking, rather then her reaching a set point, but yet keeps moving.. looks like shes doing exercises in place, yet that can be used as well in more complicated .Hap files
Rendering is, u guessed it a total of 14 sec's

Between the Haps listed, there aint much u cant do..... if u stumble on something new, Share please, there are limitless possibility's to this
I hope this helps

Im always around and always willing to help if i can
Recently Nige donated the HapTargh program and i hear theres a version of PP that works with win7 - win10 and im told it works with win2016 Server as well, research the forum.
Shout out to NIGE for his contribution to the cause.

cyber jedi

This is a hap generator for full bodys

enjoy and do what the readme says and it will work

cyber jedi



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