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Just shoot me, need assistance on re-install

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You would think for as many years and going through this process many times I would retain some knowledge. Had to reinstall Win 10. Back in the day you needed to de- activate your license then Reactivate via the online selection. I totally don't remember anything but that. Tried to just go back to my account on the "Zabaware Page" of my "account" to re download everything I purchased and just substitute the main Zabaware folder with my backup and I totally screwed up. Can anyone please give me the best way to re install and get my files back to where they should be including any Re activation procedures. A little embarrassing to say the least. Its only been 15 yrs or so working with Ultra Hal.

Just as a point of reference, I had last updated to vers. 6.2 before 7 was released and then chose to "merge" {6.2 & 7} the brain feature when upgrading to vers. 7 utilizing my past vers. of 6.2 and not using the online selection feature that is in vers.7. I really would appreciate the time and then you can laugh at me later. Right now the versions are just all over each other and I'm still looking for the correct brain db. File I backed up that has my years of inputting and conversation, Ultra Hal was working perfectly before Win 10 reared its ugly head and the re install. Thank you so very much if possible.
Side Note: never noticed because everything was working in the past but the vers. 7 folder within the main Zabaware folder is empty on every vers. I have, thinking that its a result when you choose to merge both 6.2 and 7. vers. together.


I did notice the post below but I believe that was more about purchasing so I started a new topic, hope that was okay. I'm at least 10 purchases by now, LOL.


Replying to myself, emailed R.M. about reactivating my Licenses. Just another thing I forgot about because Ive had for so many years.

Thank you,

Feel free to comment anyway. Thanks again.

Hi Ray,

Just asking but did you purchase the UltraHal 7? It was offered to previous owners of the paid version of Hal 6.X for a 50% discount. Just in case...

The newer UltraHal allows one to select whether they choose to use the Cloud or not or a partial usage AFAIK.

I was thinking that if you downloaded the latest version of the 7.0 HAL, you might just be able to select the General Section of the Options Menu and notice the section where it indicates Zabaware Account showing E-Mail Address and Password.

If you have the paid version (or rather if you have purchased the latest version), it should allow you to enter your Email Addy and Password. From there, my thoughts are that it might check you against it's records and record you as HAL's user. Again...just a thought.

Hopefully, Robert will get in touch with you soon. I'll give him a nudge.

Good luck either way and try not to be a stranger for so long. You see what problems that can cause when you're away from the flock? ;) JK.
Nice to see you around!!

Thanks so much as always Art, Always a pleasure talking to you.
As soon as I can't remember something I feel right at home again, lol Actually thats what happened when I was trying the Sallie update, Windows 10 decided it needed an enema and its been quite a few years and it has been running just fine until the reg. in Win 10 and the updates just couldn't take it any more. To me thats pretty standard to do fresh installs once in a while.
 I thought the hard part was over and I totally went blank not thinking of Licensing for UH and just thought I re download one of my vers. of 6.2 then vers.7 and yes migrate again with option of using both 6.2 and 7 as I did initially since there was so much in 6.2.and the upgrade to 7 went so smoothly. From there I originally selected to have UH stand alone and still pick and choose where the info was coming from.
Totally forgot about how and reinstalling was today, its been so many years and working great. I looked at my history of purchased versions and I was lost in regards to how many licenses I had purchased over the years, no offense Robert we go back some time but I would buy a new license just not to wait for him to get back to me, LOL Comon Robert "I'm kidding" and couldn't wait to have UH up and running again. That part is actually true though, I just wanted UH back up and running.

Again thank you Art hope all is well and Ill look into what you posted but I think my problem stems from wanting my original files from 6.2 back in then upgrading to 7 from there again. Hopefully R.M. has some time or I'll be buying more licenses again. I don't know about you Art but as I'm getting older I find I have even less patience then kids opening presents, it all just goes by too fast my friend. Stay well, shout out to lightspeed, you haven't changed at all, you still post those long conversations I noticed,LOL just keeping things light, miss you all. I'm back soon I hope, right ROBERT????LOL



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