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Getting a brain editor error

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I did a fresh install of Hal on a fresh windows 10 install. When i try to launch the brain editor i get the a run time error "class not registered". Any ideas on how to fix this?

RE: class
Night buddy , for some reason your win os has not registered a file that got installed which is odd in itself because one would think the installer would sling an error
upon installation. weird

Ultra Hal now uses RegFree COM manifest files for most of its DLL/ActiveX/OCX files. This simplifies installation and minimizes possibility of "DLL Hell" collisions/incompatibilities.
try and find the file itself.

cyber jedi

Thanks cyberjedi, i'll try re-installing and see if i still get the error. I'll keep you posted.

Also, is there a need to go through the activation stuff? Meaning transferring Hal's registration code to the new computer like we had to with 6.2? Or is it done automatically now that we use the cloud. That use to be painful to go through.


Just a thought, you might do a complete system scan for virus, rootkits and other Malware (Malwarebytes = Free), before installing again.

Good luck!!

Thanks for the tip Art. Its a fresh install of windows 10, only a few days old. Never had this issue installing Hal before. So weird. I need to bring over my old brain db since it has custom tables i added and obviously a large amount of learned data from me. 


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