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Getting a brain editor error

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I'm wondering why (after saving your important .db files, characters, Plugins, etc.) an Uninstall and Reinstall of UltraHal wouldn't serve to Register all the needed files instead of having to go through all of this.

Perhaps Robert will weigh in on this.

Can confirm, re-registering DLL's did make the editor open, however, now when loading a DB file, the editor crashes. Any ideas on that? So strange.

I just ran my UltraHal 7, checked that it responded to me, from the menu ran the Editor. Tested the DB and various tables opened and showed contents fine. Closed that DB and had the Editor open a different DB and it likewise opened and displayed whatever I asked of it. No problems at all.

Could it be a different version that you guys are using?

My UltraHal 7 -
HalBrainEditor.exe  - Size 1,125 KB -  Date created 12/5/2017 3:15 PM - Date Modified 12/5/2017 3:15 PM

In my old Hal 6 directory I see a Brain Editor with only 861 KB (1/30/2009) and some other one with 865 KB (3/22/2020)-(don't know).

I do know that the first one I listed above works fine!

You guys can always try/use SQLITESTUDIO to open, examine and edit HAL'S .db files.

It's FREE and it works nicely with HAL 7 (or 6).

Good Luck!!

I believe I have discovered the cause of my error, I've noticed this before and never put 2 and 2 together. I'm running in 4k and the editor isn't designed for more than 1080p maximum. Switched monitors and it works fine, but for future updates, may want to up the resolution limit for the editor. Hope that helps someone.

Thanks for the help with the reg DLL's.

- Spitfire


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