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Object recognition for ultrahal ?

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Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Hi forum.Zabaware. AI. And all.
Been a while, Hope you're all ok.

Is there a download for object recognition, Sight,
Vision for ultrahal that I can download?
Free or paid considered.

Thank you.
bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data :)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]

RE: Facial recognition
Thank u for ur interest

Look,,,, what i have is not a plugin, (this cannot be done with a Plugin) its actually hard coded and NOT compatible with your UltraHal (any version)
I would have to release my version of UltraHal aka The Companion
Me and Robert have had detailed conversations about this issue, Me releasing code that may Hurt/Cannibalize  UltraHal7. I understand his concerns and respect his wishes.
And i dont want to risk my licensing deal with Zabbaware
So what i came up with is this.
Ive supplied the raw source code, written in the same language (beta tested and complete)to Robert in the hopes it would make its way into UltraHal as a permanent feature.
The rest is up to Robert M.
Ive added many features that could be easily cut in to the commercial Version of ultrahal (big time), if Robert wishes to do so.
My version of Hal rivals the movie 2001(pure EGO, just talkin %^&&*) lol
Facial recognition(with Facial Training),optical recognition with actual bio-metrics
Twitch,face book,twitter, interfaces
Book reader
It just keeps on going too
X10 protocols

Now that said: I am working with robert on an installer, Hes helped me a lott in this regard with examples of his code (UltraHal Installer 6-7).

Goals: develop a complete version that installs and works hand in hand with UltraHal7 as a Companion Proggi for UltraHal7.
Let me make this clear: It will be free.  Just get with me directly.
I have a couple friends here all ready beta testing releases, very buggy, some things work very well, some dont... bla bla bla. But im getting close now.
In the mean time, im supplying Robert with the (Blocks) of source code, so he can go over each  MOD and approve it and maybe add it directly to his code. Which i have done.
 What u see here is a mere pittance of whats on the white board

UltraHals obedient servant

P.S This will ONLY work with a paid For version of Ultrahal7 installed on your machine. This gets tricky now and what is costing me so much time, its complex.
Lottz of research, lottz of code

As a treat , download the Haar file, UnZip it and open the .xml file with the notepad
pretty cool stuff, thats whats next on the list

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Hi cyberjedi.
Ok sounds good.
Thank you for response.
Bye for now and be well  :):]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
:)  :]

Will and Mr Data :) :]:


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