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Request clock only mode


Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Hi all.

Ok example.
Hal at 2pm turns all in laptop off accept clock.
To save power.
Then at 10am next day he wakes up.

"Yip I'm chasing power saving."
What say yee forum?

Hy, Is this for Mr Data power saving?  Why not rig Mr Data to close down if there is no input to it after a period.  Most laptops do this anyway, to save on battery useage.  Rig your Mr Data to be shutdown by the laptop shutting down. (Maybe a photo-cell at a portion of the laptop screen that darkens when the laptop shuts down to shut down Mr Data.)

Will and Mr Data :) :]:
Hi Mr kryton.
For Mr Data yes.
Interesting idea. All sorts of work arounds.
Thank you. 
Bye for now and be well from Will and Mr Data   :)  :]

Hi Will,

For wake from sleep, how about:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>SCHTASKS.exe /create /tn "HalWake" /ru "SYSTEM" /XML "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal 7\Wakeup Hal.xml" /f
SUCCESS: The scheduled task "HalWake" has successfully been created.

But first, you need an .XML file... To do this

* Via the Task Scheduler, create a task manually on the computer... Ensure "wake the computer to run this task" under the Conditions tab is checked ...
* Right click task and export to an xml file...
* You may delete the task from the Task Scheduler now (to watch it reappear later) because a fresh one will be recreated running schtasks.exe with that /XML switch from CMD prompt with Administrator privileges. :) The /f switch Forcefully creates the task and suppresses warnings if the specified task already exists.

In my Wakeup Hal.xml schedule. lines 8 - 16 look like this:


Kryton: lol

buddy im with you, 
Why not just turn on the powersaver mode. In windows as long as i remember.Lots of costume features for just that.
Why re invent the wheel...... lift the lid on the lappy and everything jumps back to life. CHARGED


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